Thursday, 30 June 2016

SHORT FILM: Addiction by John H Shelton (June 2016)

Addiction (2016) by John H Shelton.
Following my real-life journey to give up smoking comes, Addiction (2016). It was created and directed by John H Shelton. He is determined to kick the habit like in the short! It gives hope and strength to everybody trying to kick addiction to the floor!

Addiction, Addiction... Go Away!!
You’ve led me a-stray!
Next time I see you, I want you through!
Go away Demon, Get lost, too!
You have hurt and hurt me!
But you won’t break, forsake me!
I know what you want!
You nasty, stealing C*nt!
Get away from me, let me breath!
Leave those alone for all that I need!
I am stronger than you... I am one!
My soul is mine, not to you!
Please, give me the strength, to stand, not bleed!
Please, God... lead me through the heed!
I am one, I am strong!
You won’t beat me, for I am your God!
You’re not my friend, not any more!
Give me strength, so I can clean the floor!

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