Saturday, 18 June 2016

SHORT FILM: Unsung Hero by John H Shelton (June 2016)

I describe this little short 2 minute film edit as, "A personal experience for me and others around me, not to be weak or fragile, giving hope to yourself and others around you, despite backed against the wall in a grey world...". This was filmed by John H Shelton this month with a Voice-Over by Matt Jordan of EMZT Radio in America. We went for a Henry Rollins-style poetry approach.


You say that I'm the devil, a disgrace!
You say that evil, has a two face.
The colors are shown, a back stabbing hatch
But, without you I can't breathe

Time does heel, I do not hate
Cos Sometimes, life is a cruel fate
Heed the words, the words of the wise
Cos sometimes, I can't breathe

Smothered in hate and self doubt
Sometimes the over bearing loud mouths
That one day, I will find my ground
Under the grind, been here before
Stop your hating
Pick your jaw of the floor

Another day dawns by, the moon sets
Without you I can't breathe
But one day, you will cross seas
Only to know that you are strong enough, too!

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