Saturday, 11 June 2016

TRAILER: The Clown Cometh (Horror) (June 2016)

Here it is folks, the first trailer for The Clown Cometh... I hope you don't lose your mind! A man's sanity is tested through his fear of Clowns. Are they real? Or just in his head? Directed and edited by John H Shelton aka MrSheltonTV.

You have nothing to fear... except your SANITY!
"As a young man, I see nothing but fear. A painted grin, make up and fake tears. The circus rolls in, I leave with my hopes high, that getting away from those crazy ties. Big red noses, of crimson colored roses, I close my eyes! They hear my cries. My fear of them, they play with the time, that I ran from them, to cry is a crime!"

"In the darkness they wait for me, they smell my fear, Every time I run from them, they're always too near. They hide in my closet and in shadows under my bed, If I close my eyes too long,  I'm sure I'll be dead. Clowns that are ghosts,  clowns that are live, Only if I'm careful, will I survive."

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