Thursday, 7 July 2016

REVIEW: Burial Ground aka The Zombie Dead - @88_Films (July 2016)

Wow! Burial Ground is a Schlock-Horror Zombie B-Movie Classic! A sleaze-fest indeed mixed in with classic Italian gore! It's silly, it's fun, it's gross, too! NOTE: Above is the Beyond Terror Dvd Review!

Plot: A professor unearths the Living dead where they attack guests at a nearby mansion - it's that simple for the set-up in this Zombie flick!

I remember growing up watching BG on VHS rental with my dad and didn't quite get the adult themes until repeated viewings! I blame actor, Peter Bark! It's a very entertaining, midnight kinda film is BG. 88 Films recently bought it out with tons of special features, which is good news for fans! And the one-liners in this film: "I'm your Friend!" says the hapless professor to a re-animated zombie coming for him. "Mamma, this cloth smells like Death!" - damn you, Peter Bark, again.

The film is worth a watch. I found it silly as just as shocking the way classic 80's Italian Horror should be. It's pretty fast-paced and the zombies appear quickly and some even use tools and sharp objects to get their victims. The only annoying thing is that cliches come quick as in you could run from the Zombies if you really tried in their slowness. It features some nice-looking ladies, though! Directed by Andrea Bianchi.

88 Films packs BURIAL GROUND with tons of Features!


  1. Always wondered if this movie was any good. I need to see it.


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