Wednesday, 6 July 2016

REVIEW: Talk of the Dead (2016) (Zombie Satire) (July 2016)

Talk of the Dead - A Zombie Satire Short Indie Film!
Talk of the Dead is a UK/Austria satire horror short! It was written/produced by SearchMyTrash's Micheal Haberfelner. It stars Lynn Lowry and Eirian Cohen (who also Producers) who are horror/indie regulars. The film is a part-comedy and satire (as mentioned) - it is clever and mixes it up with the likes of Lowry (an american scream queen) playing an executive, defending her company which allegedly starts a zombie-apocalypse. It's nice that it mixes up the across seas actors, cast and crew. Directed by Eddie Bammeke.

Interesting enough, a feature is due to shoot in future - "I'm Doing My Part! There's No Such Thing As Zombies!".

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