Tuesday, 5 July 2016

REVIEW: The Thin Man (2015) (Feature Film - Horror) (July 2016)

The Thin Man... Coming Soon from the Redshaw Brothers.
Plot: With hopes of making an epic viral Youtube video on the Thin Man curse, Bayden, Dylan and Jordan go in search of the titular character. 

This is found footage horror based on Bayden Redshaw's short film on Youtube, simply called The Thin Man. It is a feature version that does run for 15 minutes shy of 2 hours in the cut I saw. The lead actors play themselves and there is some bad language through-out the feature.

It's a very ambitious feature film effort by the Redshaw brothers (Bayden & Dylan Redshaw). It uses a few issues that are seen in young people's lives like relationships and the search for internet stardom! There is horror and some uneasiness when The Thin Man turns up for his victims. The acting and joking around by the lads is quite convincing. The scares are good it is best watched in the dark like most horror films should be!

What I thought was clever, was Bayden using his real-life illness and issues and playing them into the story of The Thin Man. Quite clever and raw. It's an urban legend come to life! Spooky stuff. This feels like untapped talent from Australia

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  1. Thanks for The Review!!!

    1. Welcome Bayden... Keep on filming and following your Dreams!!


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