Thursday, 7 July 2016

SHORT FILM: Dead Weight by John H Shelton (Depression Awareness) (July 2016)

Dead Weight is an awareness short video film about Depression. It stars John H Shelton and he also narrates about the curse of the D word! Please, enjoy and give a rating on imdb.

Dead Weight... Be Gone!!

Man, I want this weight to Lift!
Because I have a soulful Gift... to Give!
The dead weight... Be Gone!
I look towards the open gates!
Please, help me shift this mood!
I wanna go on and cut some grooves!
Please, God, help me!
Please, God show me!
The way forward, not back!
I’ve had enough of this fallen stack!
I am good, I am proud.
Hear this prayer, so loud!
I hate this cloud, take it away!
So I may set sail, through, away!
Help me to understand!
What it feels like to take a hand!
In my darkest days, we look ahead!
To see the trees of dread!
Please, Help me, find the strength!
So I can take strides, across Lengths!

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