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Interview: Aaron Lewis Price (Actor & Cosplayer) (August 2016)

Aaron Lewis Price (Actor & "General Zod" Cosplayer)

How long have you been Cosplaying as Genral Zod/How did it start out?
I first got into cosplaying as General Zod back in 2014, when I went to my first Comic Con to meet the awesome and my friend Sarah Douglas, who played Ursa in the original Superman films; At the time I made my own costume which consisted of a black karate jump suit, boot coverings and duct tape to look like Zod’s uniform, I now own a professionally made more stream line version of the costume. 

Since then I have attended numerous comic cons and even acted and portrayed Zod live on stage at one of the big York con’s in 2015. I haven’t done any con’s this year but in 2017 I may have plans to attend some.

Tell me a bit about yourself as an actor?
I have always had a keen interest in acting, but it wasn’t until 2006, when I lived in Spain for 6 years, that I would really start to feel this was what I wanted to do with my life. At the time I bought a video camcorder and began to re-enactment famous scenes from different films, it was a new experience to me, not only as an actor, but would also be a learning curve and experience working a camera, and editing the videos together. 

Since moving back to the UK, I’ve continued to create new content and videos, and taken acting screen classes. Which after nearly a year of being at the YSA (Yorkshire School of Acting) I’ve learnt so much as a screen actor not only about the skills but about myself which has helped me so much.
I have recently done some short films which I’m excited to see when they’re released this year, A Funk Oddity and The Room…. Then the big one end of August 2016 Earth: Rise of New Krypton. 

Tell me about Earth: Rise of New Krypton?
Earth: Rise of New Krypton is a short film about 8-10 minutes in length written, directed, produced and costume designed by the awesome Tim Allen. The short film is based on the comic book Superman villains, General Zod, Ursa and Non, who are pitted against 3 mercenaries recruited by LexCorp, who become enhanced humans using Kryptonite, boosting them to superhuman levels. 

The battle will be in a similar vain to the recent Captain America Civil War film, which will see all 6 fighting against each other.  Filming will take place on August 28th down in London on a massive green screen studio. The film will be released in November, the short film is heavily inspired by Superman The Movie, Smallville and the Supergirl TV Show… This film will feature a Zod that will be my own version and take on the character with hints of elements of previous incarnations. 

You're a talented Video Editor, tell me about your Youtube Videos?
Firstly, thank you very much for the kind words; I’ve been doing video editing as long as long as I can remember. Starting off when I was doing re-enactments. As I made more and more videos, I really got into the visual effect, I’ve always loved the special effects of films, the art, illusion and magic of special effects really can make the impossible possible. 

I’m continuous pushing to better myself all the time, the thing with visual effects, is that you always looking at ways to create fun and realistic things on film, that don’t exist in the real world or not there when you filmed it, and seeing the final result of all that hard work that can take hours sometimes days just to show a few seconds of film, can be so rewarding. 
Visual effects would probably be the industry I would be going into if it wasn’t for my true passion and love of acting. 

What tips have you got for other Actors trying to start out?
The first piece of advice I can give any aspiring actor out there is DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM.

A lot of actors give up on their dream of wanting to become an actor, because of the expense of training to become an actor through drama schools that can cost you up to 10 grand or more.
However my advice is look into acting class groups that are run independently and professionally, these classes are much more affordable and usually done on weekly bases.  Some of these groups like the Yorkshire School of Acting after a year will present you with a screen acting industry standard certificate. 

Auditioning is probably the most important part, audition for anything and everything if you can. The great thing today is that you don’t physically always need to turn up for an audition to actually audition. Auditions can quickly be done over the internet nowadays, by uploading an audition tape and sending it through email. This has made it a lot easier for actors to audition for a wider choice of roles.

It’s important for any aspiring actor out there to know, and this is another reason some actors give up, when you’re first starting out, you will be doing a lot of short films either as expenses only paid or for free. It’s important to remember that while it might not be ideal, these short films help to build up a show reel.  A CV of your acting ability, this will give you a massive boost in advertising yourself and your talent to show what you can do as an actor.

Extra work, while it’s not essentially regarded as acting, and most of the time you will be in the background pretending to talk or standing at a bar drinking or walking by the camera. Extra work which is available through agencies is paid and the pay is ok, but it will offer you experience of being on a real working TV/Film set. It can be a great way to make contacts as well, however if you’re serious about wanting to be an actor, I wouldn’t advise to do too much of it, as you can become a target for any future work for being an extra rather than an actor. 

Lastly I will say, acting can be a long road that can take time to get where you want to be in your profession. Never give up on your dream and you have keep pushing yourself and believe that you will make it, those who have made it, never gave up, so neither should you.  

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