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Interview: Emma Dark - Director of "Salient Minus Ten" (August 2016)

Emma Dark - Director of Salient Minus Ten & Seize the Night.
Salient Minus Ten is the latest short film Fantasy, Sci-Fi Horror from Film-maker, Emma Dark. The film stars Emma DarkDean Sills, Chris Hampshire and Beric Read. The Indiegogo is now Live until September 2016: HERE - please check out the official facebook page and twitter. Music to be composed by Seize the Night's Eric Elick.

Please, tell me a bit (a taster) of what is Salient Minus Ten?
Well it’s a Science Fiction Horror short film, and to be fair it will actually have more horror elements than my previous film ‘Seize the Night’, so don’t get too upset about the Sci-Fi part :-).  I guess you could describe it as a dark and disturbing Sci-Fi, perhaps not as disturbing as something like Event Horizon, and it’s not set in space either (my budget doesn’t extend to space craft sets unfortunately), but I think Horror fans will be suitably pleased by it.

The synopsis reads:
“Adam Harper is an average man. And on an average day he suddenly finds himself catapulted into the strangest, reality changing game... A game of time and chance, where the stakes are a matter of life and death.”

It’s a fairly brief synopsis for now, I’m quite keen not to give too many details away.  As you can tell from the title there is a time limit imposed on this ‘game’ too.

Tell me more about your cast?
I’ll go through them in billing order to make it easier! So first up I have Dean Sills onboard playing the lead role of Adam Harper.  Dean is not only a very competent actor but a very professional person, down to earth and easy to get along with too.  All ‘must have’ qualities in a leading actor for me.  Dean’s been doing really well for himself having written and produced a TV series called ‘Up North’ with fellow filmmaker Steve Call (Steve is an up and coming filmmaker to watch, very talented, and very professional too).  ‘Up North’ is completely non-horror related, in fact it’s a comedy, which just shows how versatile Dean can be.

Next up is me (said in the least egotistical way possible, trust me, I’m really not like that)!  I’m sure one day you will see a film from me where I’m not in front of the camera too, but as an ex(ish)-model not only would it be a bit of a marketing failure to not appear on screen it would also disappoint a large proportion of my fan base that avidly want to see me on screen.  I did get some negative comments from a few bloggers about performing on screen in ‘Seize the Night’ as well as my many other behind the scenes hats, with some considering it a vanity project I think.  If they knew how hard I’ve worked on that film, the countless sleepless nights up editing, the sheer time and effort, I think those assumptions would fall by the wayside.  I do think us female filmmakers take quite a bit of extra flack in the criticism department , despite all the support you can also see, and essentially we have to work a lot harder to counteract it.  Anyway, back to the subject at hand… I’ll essentially be playing a secondary lead role, which is basically the top level role of the supporting actors if you like.  I can’t really tell you much about it without giving too much away, but my character will be evil, as you might expect I guess from an avid horror lover!

Finally I’m bringing back two of my lovely ‘Seize the Night’ cast members, Chris Hampshire and Beric Read.  They were both very commanding on screen, again really easy to get along with, very professional, how could I not bring them back!  There is one more role I’ve yet to announce too.  I would have cast more ‘Seize the Night’ actors but you can only cast for the roles you have really, certainly without over complicating the plot anyway.

The support online for the Indiegogo is really Positive? How do you feel about this?
It is!  Actually I was a fairly blown away to have reached a 50% funding goal within a week!  I would encourage people to keep supporting, sharing and contributing though as there’s still half way to go, and I did launch the campaign on a bare minimum funding goal on Indiegogo, so it’s really important it hit the 100% target.  And thank you John for contributing yourself too and supporting so much, it’s very much appreciated.

Is this film going to be BIGGER than Seize the Night in your opinion?
It depends what you mean by bigger.  I think overall as the story has a more closed ending than ‘Seize the Night’ it would probably be a more programmable festival film.  Certainly it will have the same high production values again, and I’m bringing back several ‘Seize the Night’ crew members to ensure that is the case, including Eric Elick (composer), Davy Simmons (VFX) and Merlyn Roberts (Assistant Director), with more alumni to be announced!

Finally, when can we expect to see Salient Minus Ten on the Festival Run?
Always a tricky question, but as a rough estimate I’d say it might see submissions around late December / early January, it all depends on how quickly post production goes!

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