Wednesday, 3 August 2016

INTERVIEW: Richard Carter (Actor/Body Builder) (August 2016)

I first met Richard Carter through social networking and went to December's Camden Film Fair with him in 2015 - See, HERE. He is a bodybuilder and actor. Please, see his facebook page, too.

Tell me a bit about Shooter's Hill?
Shooters Hill still in preparation production. It tells the story of Jackson Lynch. After leaving Shooters Hill at a young age returns later in life to see his dying mother. Jackson's brother is also destroying the family criminal business due to illness health of his mother. Jackson who is highly intelligent and one step ahead of everyone even the police. Jackson's past in London starts to haunt him... the things he left behind. He left Leeds with similar problems to return to a clean slate. Jackson becomes psychotic, an emotional wreck, mentally disturbed and a unstoppable force in London so underworld.

How long have you been Body-Building?
I've been competitive  bodybuilding for 3 years but weight training on and off for years. I've been lucky enough  to be  sponsored  by 3 UK fitness companies.

Any other Filming Projects you'd like to talk about?
I'm currently  doing many viking roles for TV commercial and film, also some viking short films and UK Viking TV series. Many roles in gangster films upcoming this year, but plenty more of exciting  roles constantly coming in.

What advice have you got for Body-Builders starting out?
All film work is hard to penetrate! I can honestly say bodybuilding has helped me slightly to achieve roles, but it's not the only thing. Having a good look different features always helps. It's always important to bring something different to the table. Specific looks or attitude... being positive punctual and reliable always helps in filming having big muscles will not get u film roles. The right attitude and prospective helps.

Anything else you would like to add? Career Advice? Personal Advice?
Always do all film work proposed to you paid unpaid or expenses only. It helps to gain mass experience and certainly make new friends! Never expect to much and it's not all bright lights and stardom! It's a lot of work sleepless  night and long hours! It's like building blocks the more you build the higher you go

Richard Cater in Shooter's Hill... Coming Soon!


  1. Well Done Rich, it's took awhile but now your name is officially on paper. Can't wait to see you in the film, Congrats x x love Jan


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