Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Review: Life Is Cheap!! Directed by Kurt Dirt (August 2016)

 Life Is Cheap!! Directed by Kurt Dirt
Kurt Dirt is a colorful guy! He has a love for all things Troma-like and Trash Cinema. It shows in his Experimental, Exploitation 53 minute short film: Life Is Cheap. I first met Dirt with Liam Regan at Horror Con 2015 - they both signed stuff for me and it felt an honor. Regan was promoting Banjo (2016) and Kurt Dirt was a real cool guy to speak to, too.

Onto the Film.. "Joeby Cleftico is living the dream scrubbing urinals and unblocking toilets, untill that is he is caught taking his work home with him...literally! now unemployed he must face up to the wrath of his long suffering mother Babs, their monstrous incest born offspring "Bubbles" and to make matters worse his mother's psychotic chainsaw wielding ex prison girlfriend is on the loose!!"

The film is shot on Hi8 video and makes use of home made SFX, Jet black humor and a colorful cast of characters this "Metallic K.O of a splatter film" will appeal to fans of John Waters, Troma & HG Lewis. It has a grind-house feel to it all. I imagine Uncle Lloyd Kaufman will LOVE it, too!!

It's crude, offensive and very raw film-making at it's best which is kind of a throw-back for me as it reminds me of the old VHS label Screen Edge in the UK. As a film-maker myself, it was very clever and brave to film on Hi8 Video, just as brave as the performers in this this with it's tongue slapping against it's grisly, sick, cheek! Expect gore, sick jokes and BAD Behavior... Don't expect major high production values or Bambi! Kurt Dirt is a LEGEND!! Brave stuff, Mr Dirt!

WARNING: Please Do Not View if easily offended!!

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