Saturday, 10 September 2016

A Tribute to Debra Lamb (Actress & Producer) (September 2016)

Debra Lamb - Actress & Producer.
I first became friends on social media with Debra Lamb about five years ago. When I did my research, she had all ready made a name for herself in Music Videos and in the Horror Genre. Having starred in 80's schlock horror like Beverly Hills Vamp and The Invisible Maniac - Review, Here, Miss Debra Lamb was all ready a Scream Queen Legend in my eyes! As I dug a little deeper, she had also been featured in a number of short films and had worked with director, Joe Hollow.

Debra is also an animal lover and a humane supporter. She is friends with the likes of Linnea Quigley and Brinke Stevens - two more Legendary Queen Screamers!  As a Producer and Actress, Lamb in the film said that Nudity never bothered her, but turned down roles for being just a "body". She is also a Vegan and attended High School with actor, Rob Lowe.

Debra Lamb is a dancer. She enjoys it so much that her skills have been featured in numerous music videos from the early 90's as mentioned earlier.

Also, watch out for Lamb in The G-String Horror (2012) in-which she plays Lady Zee. She plays a Psychic in the reality-based horror. She, herself is a psychic and picks up on spirits and ghosts, just like in the film from Charles Webb. It was filmed at the Market Street Cinema.

Debra has starred in a numerous erotic thrillers and continues to act and produce into 2016... A fun fact about Lamb, is that she was in deleted scene in Robocop (1987) and was featured in Point Break (1991) as a flame-blower. Fire breathing is another skill of the mystic lady. Hot Stuff, indeed!!

I have already interviewed Debra Lamb in 2013, Here. Please, see here official website. Her official Twitter can be found, Here.

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