Monday, 31 October 2016

Happy Halloween - 2016 - From MrSheltonTV!! (October 2016)

It's that time of the year again, boils & ghouls!! Happy Halloween - 2016 - to friends and social-media fans, alike!! Be safe, be cool... don't go being a trick or treat fool!!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

SPOILERS: "The Walking Dead" Returns and "Hits" Hard in Season 7 (October 2016)

Negan "Hits" Hard in TWD - Season 7.
Some fans were outraged at the return of the popular zombie-drama, The Walking Dead (2010 - Present). Were you? Negan finally appeared at the end of season 6 to hold Rick Grimes and crew hostage in the apocalyptic word of the undead! There was gore, there was violence and even emotional scenes which might upset long-term fans!!

I enjoyed this episode, and please check out the video below, which may contain Spoilers...

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Review: Inner Voice - by Jason Impey (Director) Starring Kaz B (October 2016)

Inner Voice (2016) - Directed by Jason Impey.
Inner Voice (2016) is about a young lady (played by Kaz B) who suffers from Mental Health problems and is bulimic. It was directed by low budget film-maker Jason Impey and the short film covers the topics all-out grimly. I assume it was to raise awareness, but I enjoyed what the film was trying to achieve to the audience. 

The film isn't for the young ones, but I thought Impey did a good job at creating such social issues in-which Kaz B played the suffering lady. This isn't horror or terror, but it could be to some. It's also not for the squeamish, I felt. There is a clever mirror effect in there, too. The short runs for 7 minutes.

Warning: Contains Female Nudity!!

Review: Turn Heel (2016) - by Jason Impey & Matt Freckingham (Director[s]) (October 2016)

Turn Heel (2016) - Gory Wrestling Horror Film!
It's time to Turn Heel (2016) in a gory, but head-on horror film from Jason Impey & Matt Freckingham. Low budget stuff indeed sees a VHS-dust damaged horror style film about Verne, a bullied child who loves to watch Wrasslin' (Wrestling) tapes and old videos. We soon are treated to hardcore metal singing as the now vengeful Verne goes after his tormentors in the woodland as they camp out!! Verne also wears a Wrestling Mask whilst taking matters into his own gory hands!!

TH runs for 20-odd minutes and is shot very raw, but looked fun! The soundtrack is pumping from Heavy Metal and the film grain is out to give it a grind-house feel, too. It turns up the gore factor half-way through the madness when Verne gets his revenge!!

A guilty pleasure of a horror film. Also, please check out Cherish (2016) - see, HERE.

Warning: Blood, Splatter & Gore in "Turn Heel" (2016).

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Review: Evil Dead II - Dead by Dawn (1987) by Sam Raimi (Director) (October 2016)

EDII: "Kiss your Nerves, Goodbye!" - the 1987 sequel to ED (1981).
The sequel to The Evil Dead (1981) came in Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn (1987) by director Sam Raimi and Starring a returning Bruce Campbell with a higher, yet still low budget Production. It's a sequel/remake of the first film, but is a lot of fun, but came with criticism due to the first cult classic being made on a shoe-string!

I enjoyed ED2 in it's higher budget set once again in the infamous cabin where survivors must make it through the night without being possessed or killed by the unknown evil force. BC plays Ash, a cowardly hero who dons a chainsaw and many weapons to fight the Evil Dead after losing his girlfriend, Linda - again!

The set up brings in new characters and special make-up effects by KNB Studios who do a cracking job. Some are a little cheesy as you can see the possessed Henrietta's (played by Ted Raimi) monster bodysuit falling apart as she rags lead actor BC, about. There is some classic stop-motion effects in there, too. Classic stuff!!

There are higher budget make-up, gore and bloody effects which also upset the censors! Director and film-maker, Raimi would have to defend the series which found success over seas here in the UK, for the X-Rated Horror!

Followed by Army of Darkness (1992) - see, HERE.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Mayhem Film Festival (Shorts) and Overview!! (October 2016)

Enjoying some down-time with horror film-maker: John @ Mayhem Film Festival 2016.
Broadway Cinema in Nottingham, was the setting this past weekend of the infamous Mayhem Film Festival for 2016. I admit, I only watched the shorts and enjoyed Liam Banks' "Sandman" (2016) and "Nasty" (2015) by Prano Bailey-Bond. The total of the shorts lasted two hours and were held upstairs to a packed audience and full-house of ticket buyers. All the shorts were well put together for the Saturday evening, but the following stuck with myself...

Sandman: A simple story of a claustrophobic tale of a woman at night, afraid to go to sleep and based upon a Creepy Pasta short story. Jump cuts and uneasy effects were the order of the day in this film. A low budget, but others seemed to mention this film afterwards, too.

Nasty: A young boy is obsessed with old VHS/video tapes of the horror of yesterday-year! It was told with video grain and was quite original and disturbing. One for fans of The Evil Dead (1981) - See, REVIEW - and general video-nasty fans!

Also, about selling on stores were Arrow Video and Shudder UK, a premiere online horror streaming website. For the FULL Saturday Line-Up, see, HERE via Jonny T's Cult Film Blog.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

INTERVIEW: Georgy Ragazza on Fragments of Fear (October 2016)

I first heard about Fragments of Fear through Georgy Ragazza, Richard Gladman (RIP) and friends a few years back. It's taken it's time, but is set to air on Youtube come late October for Halloween-time! I got to Interview the Producer and Editor, Ragazza for the series. Please, see the FOF Official website.

Tell me a bit about Fragments of Fear?
Fragments of Fear was born in a pub down a side street in Brighton a little shy of three years ago. Rick (Gladman) had always wanted to develop some kind of TV show, I was involved in theatre at the time and wanted to do more TV, and we hatched out a basic plan for a series of original horror stories, all narrated by different story tellers.

He provided the initial talent, I named it and gave it a logo, and the rest is history! Rick and I shared production duties, he dealt with the talent scouting and publicity, and I took care of the organisation, creative vision, and the website.

Obviously, we had discussions about our old favourites like “Tales of the Unexpected”, “Thriller”, “Armchair Thriller”, and so on, and great British horror TV shows like “Beasts”, but we wanted a really stripped down format – one story, one narrator.

We filmed the first story, “Coronation” by the incredible John Paul Fitch, in a barn just outside of Hassocks on February 1st 2014 in the pouring rain and freezing cold. Under normal circumstances we would have moved along at a brisk pace, but I was committed to that year’s Brighton Festival Fringe, various participants of Fragments came and went, Rick got ill… It’s been something of a rollercoaster ride.

To date we’ve filmed in a barn, by a lake, in a dressing room, on a theatre stage, upstairs over a pub, in a car park, in a hotel room, Rick’s living room… Have camera, will travel!

Tell me about the FOF cast and Crew?
There are quite literally not enough words in the English language to express how proud and honoured I am to work with these amazing people. I have an incredible team of creative, passionate, talented, dear souls. They were my rock when Rick passed away in February of this year, and they continue to inspire me with their love of and commitment to Fragments.

In absolutely no particular order, because everyone works like a complete Trojan, we have established icons like Caroline Munro, Judy Matheson, and Francoise Pascal, up and coming stars like Dani Thompson, Lucy Clements, Honour Mission, and Emma Dark, and absolute stars in the making like Guy Barnes, Craig Johnson, and Kurt Wylde. I narrated a couple of stories, as did Rick – there’s no point in having your own project unless you can jump in and have some fun too!

In our crew we have Tug Phipps, Anthony Gates, Ryan Taylor, and Gary Baxter on director duties (and both Tug and Ant have doubled on editing on a number of the episodes), amazing editors in Freddie Lulham, Murielle Weston, Darren J. Perry, (and me!), assorted students from Lewes College (who have a very bright future ahead of them), and then I did the main bulk of hair and make up with able assistance from the lovely Emma Dark and the equally lovely Jeanette Gregory.

We have a mighty 17 authors on our roster: John Paul Fitch, Charles E Butler, Lee Pletzers, Sara Boyle, Rick Nightmare, E B Stark, Veronica Jauregui, Nicoletta Wylde, Carole Gill, James Stanger, Sara Brooke, John Forth, Chrissy Derbyshire, Paul Flewitt, Thom Burgess, Rhea D. Cole, and T D Harvey. Each one has a different style, each one gives us different twists and turns, each one is amazing.

And we did all of this on a budget of nada, which shows you the sheer level of commitment and dedication – plus a bit of guerrilla film making never hurt anyone!

When can we expect the series to air?
The first series of 13 episodes goes live on our dedicated YouTube channel at 22:00 GMT on Saturday, October 29th, which is a little tribute to the great British BBC double horror bills of yore. A nod to the past – and a look to the future. The entire first series kicks off with and is dedicated to Rick – and he better tear himself away from Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, and Diane Dors to watch it!

Fragments of Fear... Jackanory meets Tales From the Crypt.

Friday, 14 October 2016

News: Killer Clowns Craze/Sightings During Halloween (October 2016)

It'll soon be Halloween and the prankters are out in full force! If you haven't heard by now, a new "crazy craze" is sweeping the nation in this Killer Clown Craze! People (or no gooders) dressing up to try and get a reaction from the public. It's the unknown, I find disturbing about all this with random people dressing up as Pennywise the Clown, for example, just to jump out on the vulnerable. I see the fun side, too, but NOT the taking it too far side either! After all it is October in the Halloween month, but when will all this painted-face madness stop?

Whatever you are doing this Halloween, be good, stay safe and DON'T tease children, elders or the certain at unease. Thank You!!

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Review: Vampires: Brighter in Darkness (2015) - by Jason Davitt (Director) (October 2016)

Vampires: Brighter in Darkness (Directed by Jason Davitt)
Jason Davitt was introduced to myself through a friend and was told that he did his own film and sequel. The film is Vampires: Brighter in Darkness which could be seen in the Twilight-esq-region. However, I would say that it's more for adults and I thought the low budget gave this a charm. Yes, even the director told me that VBID was conceived very cheaply, but it works. It was originally a TV series on Sky TV. The budget might put others off, but I want to stress that, that doesn't really matter too much. It's interesting to see what is going on in the underbelly of non-mainstream cinema!

Synopsis: "What happens when a seemingly innocent blind date turns out to be with a 1500 years old Vampire! A tale of Hunger, Lust, Desire, Love and the Supernatural!"

It's a LGBT-themed horror fantasy, I'm not going to lie. I could see it's target market. The performances and acting wasn't bad. Some were sad at the CGI effects, but that doesn't matter too much. I enjoyed Rebecca Eastwood's role as Charlotte Brighter - a true Vamp, indeed. She really stands out! The locations seemed exotic and compliment the story all around with true gothic visuals. I could see this as a cult favorite. A Ghoulish, Vampire foot forward.

Followed by: Lucas Rising (2016). It seems to be gathering steam for a full-fledged film series. Good Luck, Mr Davitt. Please, check out the website. You can watch it officially on Region 2 dvd, Itunes and Vimeo.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Review: The Evil Dead (1981) by Sam Raimi (Director) (October 2016)

Sam Raimi's splatter/horror classic from 1981.
Blood splattered horror in Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead (1981). ED originally started out as a 30 minute short featuring Bruce Campbell as a possessed monster stalking his girlfriend in a quiet, secluded cabin in the woods! Fast forward some years later and investors would see this crude horror short from director, Sam Raimi and help fund a feature we love and know today... The Evil Dead!

ED the feature is a simple story of five friends that go to a far off cabin where they find a tape recorder in which they play back a demonic spell - from the previous owner! Things take a turn for the worst as one by one the are possessed and turned into hideous demons from nightmares! The only way to stop them are to dismember them one by one as we are left with very few survivors!

Sam Raimi would use dutch (crooked/titled) filming angles to show the point-of-view of the evil unknown force in the woodlands and the cabin pans with spooky sound effects. A true horror technique which has been repeated in many future films of the genre. The film was also blown-up from 16mm to 35mm, I believe to give it a grainy, documentary effect, too.

Bruce Campbell plays our main hero in ED. He goes through phases of grief (over his possessed girlfriend, Linda), love, cowardliness and a hero in this classic horror film. There is plenty of blood and excess gore to keep the Horror-fans happy!! And it's all done on a very low budget, which keeps things very tongue-in-cheek creative! Well done, Sam Raimi and team.

Many rip-offs and spin-offs would follow, too following a generation of film-makers, world-wide!

Followed by Evil Dead II - See, HERE.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Review: Summer's Night (2014) by Ian Lawlor (Director) (October 2016)

Summer's Night (2014) is a short horror film produced by Mitsuko Studios. It is featured in Self Induced Nightmares - a horror anthology. Produced and Written by Antoni McVay. Directed by Ian Lawlor.

Synopsis: Summer drives to the last cabin at Chopley Woods to spend some private time with her partner. Sam, a serial killer, roams the nearby woods, searching for new victims. When Sam spots the cabin he finds his latest prey.

I thought that this was an interesting short that tries NOT to be Cliche in it's characters. There is some Lesbianism, horror and blood which fans may dig! It was nicely shot in the woods and in a quiet-looking cabin. There is a killer on the loose and bodies pile up at the start... However, once we get into the main story, there are darker twists and turns!!

Cast: Juliette Strange, Sara Rose Dickson, Simon Craig, Kookie Katana, Rochelle Kneale, Ashleigh Gloyne and Graeme Donaldson.

SIN - a Horror Anthology featuring "Summer's Night"!

Review: 100 Years of Horror - Hosted by Christopher Lee (October 2016)

The late Chrisopher Lee hosts 100 Years of Horror (1996)
What a perfect month (October/Halloween) to dig out and watch: 100 Years of Horror - Hosted by Christopher Lee (RIP). I first saw this on  the old Sc-Fi Channel in 1996 during my College days! It was on beyond the early hours of the morning and features the late Christopher Lee introducing clips of different horror genres and films to educate and fright a new audience!

The full dvd box set came out a few years back and the episodes were spread out onto x5 discs! Lee would talk over clips over classic horror films starting at the silent era. Some modern horror is covered, too as each episode runs roughly for 20 minutes! A great box-set to sit down to at Halloween or any day, to be honest! The dvd is also Region Free.


Dracula and His Disciples - There's more to Dracula than just Bela Lugosi, as the cinema's various incarnations of the carnal count are examined.

Blood-Drinking Beings - Dracula wasn't the only blood-sucker immortalized on film. Here is some of his "competition."

Frankenstein's Friends - Karloff's career was defined by his sympathetic portrayal of "the monster," but others took on this challenging role over the years. This fascinating installment tells the story behind Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's timeless tale.

Baron Frankenstein - Hammer Films "reanimated" the Frankenstein franchise in the 1950s with its terrifying teaming of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee as doctor and "patient." Take a look at how this classic story changed in the '50s, '60s - and beyond.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of good and evil has been a filmic favorite since early silent days. Various portrayals of the dual doctor are examined.


Werewolves - Of course there's Lon Chaney Jr. as The Wolf Man, but other films have featured werewolves in surprising ways over the years.

Bela Lugosi - Lugosi was much more than Count Dracula, as you'll see in this fascinating salute to this complex Hungarian actor.

Boris Karloff - Perhaps horror's greatest star, Karloff, of course, played the Frankenstein monster. But there's so much more to tell. Here's an affectionate look at this cultured Englishman.

Ghosts - Nothing like a good ghost story - except a century's worth of films filled with more ghost stories!

Phantoms - Lon Chaney Sr. was the original Phantom of the Opera, but there have been other notable portrayals - and other notable phantoms!


Witches - Witches have been a favorite of fairy tales - and fright films - for centuries. Here's a wicked look at a coven's worth of portrayals.

Demons - More than just the Devil (although The Prince of Darkness has certainly figured into quite a few motion pictures), demons have been a mainstay of horror films since the silent days.

Mutants - Abominable snowmen, mole people, creatures from black lagoons. All these half-human/half-beast "hybrids" are here - and more!

Freaks - Horror films have been peppered with people who didn't need makeup and were actually born disfigured, most notably in the film Freaks. Take a look at those who managed to turn their misfortune into something of a career.

Scream Queens - King Kong's Fay Wray is probably the most famous scream queen of the horror genre, but you'll be surprised to see who else made the list!


Girl Ghouls - Men didn't have a lock on the horror movie. There were plenty of frightful females to go around, as you'll see in this salute to demonic dames.

Maniacs - Ax-murderers, chainsaw-wielding madmen, serial killers, cannibals - they're all here - and more!

Gory Gimmicks - An affectionate salute to the great showmen of yesteryear who figured out all sorts of gory gimmicks to keep audiences glued to their seats - and away from their TV sets!

Sorcerers - A holdover from ancient tales, sorcerers have long fascinated movie audiences with their powerful use of black magic to achieve their evil goals.

Aliens - Creatures from "out there" have captured the imagination of everyone from H.G. Wells to Steven Spielberg. Here's a look at some out-of-this-world intergalactic beings.


Mummies - Karloff's parchment-skin portrayal of Imhotep set the standard for mummy movies, but many others have gotten "wrapped up" in their work over the years, as you'll see.

Zombies - The walking dead have been a mainstay of horror films for decades. Although usually confined to the West Indies, Hollywood has made sure audiences will fear zombies anywhere and everywhere.

Mad Doctors - How many times did Karloff and Lugosi play mad doctors? (And what were they mad at?) Many horror legends have taken their turn playing sinister scientists and frightful physicians, as you'll see.

Man-Made Monsters - Frankenstein is probably the most famous example of a man-made monster, but a great many other creepy creations have been fashioned by men, either by accident or on purpose, as this fun-filled episode illustrates.

Giants - Another idea borrowed from the world of fairy tales, giants have been found in stories from Jack and the Beanstalk to Jack the Giant Killer and beyond.

Dinosaurs - Long before Jurassic Park, dinosaurs roamed thru a variety of horror films, going all the way back to The Lost World in 1925.

Total Running Time: Approx. 676 mins.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Short Film: Cherish (2016) (ADULTS ONLY) (October 2016)

Warning: High Levels of Graphic Violence!
Low budget film time in Cherish (2016). We open with VHS screen with the video-tape playing what looks like snuff (it isn't don't worry, so far...) with some scary killer handling fake human intensetines before carrying them out in a plastic-bag! Cut to the next scene inside a house a house wife/girlfriend is in the bath giving herself an abortion! Cue the happy music as a couple go to the park in the next scene. The visuals are broken up by more VHS fuzz and satanic goings-on: Cue the Black Metal music and masked torturers!

Be warned... there is some GRAPHIC STOCK FOOTAGE in there, too and PORNOGRAPHY. Very dark stuff, indeed! The female is disgusted (as is the audience) at this VHS footage in-which it gets played by the boyfriend of the couple! This is all building up to some nasty stuff by the masked people... There involves a lot of fake blood and Irony towards the end and NO real Credit titles!

It was clever to have this no-budget 25 minute film to have a VHS effect plastered on top of raw footage! Very low budget stuff if you like that sort of thing and as a aspiring film-maker... I do! Maybe this isn't the thing I normally review, but if it was intended for SHOCK VALUE... then this film has won! It probably will never get shown on Youtube!

If you want something a bit tamer and less graphic, try: TURN HEEL (2016) - see, HERE.


Watch @ your own RISK!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Review: The Blob (1958) Starring Steve McQueen (October 2016)

The Blob (1958) Starring Steve McQueen
The Blob (1958) is a classic of the sci-fi/horror genre. It stars the late Steve McQueen of Bullitt (1968) fame. A meteorite lands on earth where a naive old man investigates it as it opens to reveal a gooey substance which attaches itself onto his hand! Luckily, a nearby couple (one played by McQueen) find the guy on the road and try to save his life as reasonable teenagers. The Blob is growing and feeding on the humans, doctors and nurses it comes into contact with in this small town. It's that simple!

A great schlock-horror film that was designed for the drive-ins! At one point, The Blob attacks a movie theater where the audience are watching an old black and white film. They run from the cinema screaming (and laughing). The teens are so helpful to the authorities in this film as McQueen plays it quite nerdy with his girlfriend, to try and save the day and the town from the space menace!

It's a fun film. I first watched it on Channel 4 really late at night in 1990, I recall. It hit dvd and blu ray, too and was remade 30 years later in The Blob (1988). And who could forget that theme tune? A great little film that has been rumored to feature Samuel L Jackson in yet another REMAKE!!

The Blob (1958) was followed by Beware! The Blob (1972).

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Short Film: Grand Macabre (2016) - By John H Shelton (October 2016)

Grand Macabre (2016) is the latest short from John H Shelton. It centers around a young man who is mourning the loss of his dead Grandma! However, when he tries to contact her through a spirit board at night, it turns into a very long one indeed, for the curious.

This short features John H Shelton and Steven Chamberlain. The voice overs were done by Actor Steve Pollard and Georgy Ragazza as Grandma's Voice. A special Thank You to everybody that helped out on the Production - Happy October and Happy Halloween!!

IN MEMORY: Carlos Dunn (Indie Film-maker) has Passed Away! (Rest In Peace) (September 2018)

Some sad news to report. The film community in the Indie Field are stunned to learn that Film-maker and Writer , Carlos Dunn has pass...