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INTERVIEW: Georgy Ragazza on Fragments of Fear (October 2016)

I first heard about Fragments of Fear through Georgy Ragazza, Richard Gladman (RIP) and friends a few years back. It's taken it's time, but is set to air on Youtube come late October for Halloween-time! I got to Interview the Producer and Editor, Ragazza for the series. Please, see the FOF Official website.

Tell me a bit about Fragments of Fear?
Fragments of Fear was born in a pub down a side street in Brighton a little shy of three years ago. Rick (Gladman) had always wanted to develop some kind of TV show, I was involved in theatre at the time and wanted to do more TV, and we hatched out a basic plan for a series of original horror stories, all narrated by different story tellers.

He provided the initial talent, I named it and gave it a logo, and the rest is history! Rick and I shared production duties, he dealt with the talent scouting and publicity, and I took care of the organisation, creative vision, and the website.

Obviously, we had discussions about our old favourites like “Tales of the Unexpected”, “Thriller”, “Armchair Thriller”, and so on, and great British horror TV shows like “Beasts”, but we wanted a really stripped down format – one story, one narrator.

We filmed the first story, “Coronation” by the incredible John Paul Fitch, in a barn just outside of Hassocks on February 1st 2014 in the pouring rain and freezing cold. Under normal circumstances we would have moved along at a brisk pace, but I was committed to that year’s Brighton Festival Fringe, various participants of Fragments came and went, Rick got ill… It’s been something of a rollercoaster ride.

To date we’ve filmed in a barn, by a lake, in a dressing room, on a theatre stage, upstairs over a pub, in a car park, in a hotel room, Rick’s living room… Have camera, will travel!

Tell me about the FOF cast and Crew?
There are quite literally not enough words in the English language to express how proud and honoured I am to work with these amazing people. I have an incredible team of creative, passionate, talented, dear souls. They were my rock when Rick passed away in February of this year, and they continue to inspire me with their love of and commitment to Fragments.

In absolutely no particular order, because everyone works like a complete Trojan, we have established icons like Caroline Munro, Judy Matheson, and Francoise Pascal, up and coming stars like Dani Thompson, Lucy Clements, Honour Mission, and Emma Dark, and absolute stars in the making like Guy Barnes, Craig Johnson, and Kurt Wylde. I narrated a couple of stories, as did Rick – there’s no point in having your own project unless you can jump in and have some fun too!

In our crew we have Tug Phipps, Anthony Gates, Ryan Taylor, and Gary Baxter on director duties (and both Tug and Ant have doubled on editing on a number of the episodes), amazing editors in Freddie Lulham, Murielle Weston, Darren J. Perry, (and me!), assorted students from Lewes College (who have a very bright future ahead of them), and then I did the main bulk of hair and make up with able assistance from the lovely Emma Dark and the equally lovely Jeanette Gregory.

We have a mighty 17 authors on our roster: John Paul Fitch, Charles E Butler, Lee Pletzers, Sara Boyle, Rick Nightmare, E B Stark, Veronica Jauregui, Nicoletta Wylde, Carole Gill, James Stanger, Sara Brooke, John Forth, Chrissy Derbyshire, Paul Flewitt, Thom Burgess, Rhea D. Cole, and T D Harvey. Each one has a different style, each one gives us different twists and turns, each one is amazing.

And we did all of this on a budget of nada, which shows you the sheer level of commitment and dedication – plus a bit of guerrilla film making never hurt anyone!

When can we expect the series to air?
The first series of 13 episodes goes live on our dedicated YouTube channel at 22:00 GMT on Saturday, October 29th, which is a little tribute to the great British BBC double horror bills of yore. A nod to the past – and a look to the future. The entire first series kicks off with and is dedicated to Rick – and he better tear himself away from Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, and Diane Dors to watch it!

Fragments of Fear... Jackanory meets Tales From the Crypt.

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