Sunday, 2 October 2016

Review: The Blob (1958) Starring Steve McQueen (October 2016)

The Blob (1958) Starring Steve McQueen
The Blob (1958) is a classic of the sci-fi/horror genre. It stars the late Steve McQueen of Bullitt (1968) fame. A meteorite lands on earth where a naive old man investigates it as it opens to reveal a gooey substance which attaches itself onto his hand! Luckily, a nearby couple (one played by McQueen) find the guy on the road and try to save his life as reasonable teenagers. The Blob is growing and feeding on the humans, doctors and nurses it comes into contact with in this small town. It's that simple!

A great schlock-horror film that was designed for the drive-ins! At one point, The Blob attacks a movie theater where the audience are watching an old black and white film. They run from the cinema screaming (and laughing). The teens are so helpful to the authorities in this film as McQueen plays it quite nerdy with his girlfriend, to try and save the day and the town from the space menace!

It's a fun film. I first watched it on Channel 4 really late at night in 1990, I recall. It hit dvd and blu ray, too and was remade 30 years later in The Blob (1988). And who could forget that theme tune? A great little film that has been rumored to feature Samuel L Jackson in yet another REMAKE!!

The Blob (1958) was followed by Beware! The Blob (1972).

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