Thursday, 6 October 2016

Review: The Evil Dead (1981) by Sam Raimi (Director) (October 2016)

Sam Raimi's splatter/horror classic from 1981.
Blood splattered horror in Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead (1981). ED originally started out as a 30 minute short featuring Bruce Campbell as a possessed monster stalking his girlfriend in a quiet, secluded cabin in the woods! Fast forward some years later and investors would see this crude horror short from director, Sam Raimi and help fund a feature we love and know today... The Evil Dead!

ED the feature is a simple story of five friends that go to a far off cabin where they find a tape recorder in which they play back a demonic spell - from the previous owner! Things take a turn for the worst as one by one the are possessed and turned into hideous demons from nightmares! The only way to stop them are to dismember them one by one as we are left with very few survivors!

Sam Raimi would use dutch (crooked/titled) filming angles to show the point-of-view of the evil unknown force in the woodlands and the cabin pans with spooky sound effects. A true horror technique which has been repeated in many future films of the genre. The film was also blown-up from 16mm to 35mm, I believe to give it a grainy, documentary effect, too.

Bruce Campbell plays our main hero in ED. He goes through phases of grief (over his possessed girlfriend, Linda), love, cowardliness and a hero in this classic horror film. There is plenty of blood and excess gore to keep the Horror-fans happy!! And it's all done on a very low budget, which keeps things very tongue-in-cheek creative! Well done, Sam Raimi and team.

Many rip-offs and spin-offs would follow, too following a generation of film-makers, world-wide!

Followed by Evil Dead II - See, HERE.

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