Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Review: Evil Dead II - Dead by Dawn (1987) by Sam Raimi (Director) (October 2016)

EDII: "Kiss your Nerves, Goodbye!" - the 1987 sequel to ED (1981).
The sequel to The Evil Dead (1981) came in Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn (1987) by director Sam Raimi and Starring a returning Bruce Campbell with a higher, yet still low budget Production. It's a sequel/remake of the first film, but is a lot of fun, but came with criticism due to the first cult classic being made on a shoe-string!

I enjoyed ED2 in it's higher budget set once again in the infamous cabin where survivors must make it through the night without being possessed or killed by the unknown evil force. BC plays Ash, a cowardly hero who dons a chainsaw and many weapons to fight the Evil Dead after losing his girlfriend, Linda - again!

The set up brings in new characters and special make-up effects by KNB Studios who do a cracking job. Some are a little cheesy as you can see the possessed Henrietta's (played by Ted Raimi) monster bodysuit falling apart as she rags lead actor BC, about. There is some classic stop-motion effects in there, too. Classic stuff!!

There are higher budget make-up, gore and bloody effects which also upset the censors! Director and film-maker, Raimi would have to defend the series which found success over seas here in the UK, for the X-Rated Horror!

Followed by Army of Darkness (1992) - see, HERE.

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