Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Review: Summer's Night (2014) by Ian Lawlor (Director) (October 2016)

Summer's Night (2014) is a short horror film produced by Mitsuko Studios. It is featured in Self Induced Nightmares - a horror anthology. Produced and Written by Antoni McVay. Directed by Ian Lawlor.

Synopsis: Summer drives to the last cabin at Chopley Woods to spend some private time with her partner. Sam, a serial killer, roams the nearby woods, searching for new victims. When Sam spots the cabin he finds his latest prey.

I thought that this was an interesting short that tries NOT to be Cliche in it's characters. There is some Lesbianism, horror and blood which fans may dig! It was nicely shot in the woods and in a quiet-looking cabin. There is a killer on the loose and bodies pile up at the start... However, once we get into the main story, there are darker twists and turns!!

Cast: Juliette Strange, Sara Rose Dickson, Simon Craig, Kookie Katana, Rochelle Kneale, Ashleigh Gloyne and Graeme Donaldson.

SIN - a Horror Anthology featuring "Summer's Night"!

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