Saturday, 22 October 2016

Review: Turn Heel (2016) - by Jason Impey & Matt Freckingham (Director[s]) (October 2016)

Turn Heel (2016) - Gory Wrestling Horror Film!
It's time to Turn Heel (2016) in a gory, but head-on horror film from Jason Impey & Matt Freckingham. Low budget stuff indeed sees a VHS-dust damaged horror style film about Verne, a bullied child who loves to watch Wrasslin' (Wrestling) tapes and old videos. We soon are treated to hardcore metal singing as the now vengeful Verne goes after his tormentors in the woodland as they camp out!! Verne also wears a Wrestling Mask whilst taking matters into his own gory hands!!

TH runs for 20-odd minutes and is shot very raw, but looked fun! The soundtrack is pumping from Heavy Metal and the film grain is out to give it a grind-house feel, too. It turns up the gore factor half-way through the madness when Verne gets his revenge!!

A guilty pleasure of a horror film. Also, please check out Cherish (2016) - see, HERE.

Warning: Blood, Splatter & Gore in "Turn Heel" (2016).

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