Monday, 3 October 2016

Short Film: Cherish (2016) (ADULTS ONLY) (October 2016)

Warning: High Levels of Graphic Violence!
Low budget film time in Cherish (2016). We open with VHS screen with the video-tape playing what looks like snuff (it isn't don't worry, so far...) with some scary killer handling fake human intensetines before carrying them out in a plastic-bag! Cut to the next scene inside a house a house wife/girlfriend is in the bath giving herself an abortion! Cue the happy music as a couple go to the park in the next scene. The visuals are broken up by more VHS fuzz and satanic goings-on: Cue the Black Metal music and masked torturers!

Be warned... there is some GRAPHIC STOCK FOOTAGE in there, too and PORNOGRAPHY. Very dark stuff, indeed! The female is disgusted (as is the audience) at this VHS footage in-which it gets played by the boyfriend of the couple! This is all building up to some nasty stuff by the masked people... There involves a lot of fake blood and Irony towards the end and NO real Credit titles!

It was clever to have this no-budget 25 minute film to have a VHS effect plastered on top of raw footage! Very low budget stuff if you like that sort of thing and as a aspiring film-maker... I do! Maybe this isn't the thing I normally review, but if it was intended for SHOCK VALUE... then this film has won! It probably will never get shown on Youtube!

If you want something a bit tamer and less graphic, try: TURN HEEL (2016) - see, HERE.


Watch @ your own RISK!

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