Sunday, 27 November 2016

Review: Harvest (2016) - Directed by Chris Collier (November 2016)

Harvest Trailer - 4K from 24 Foot Square on Vimeo.
Poor Luna Wolf is trapped, wounded and tied in a cupboard before trying to escape. Who has done this? Why is she in this position? Find out in Harvest (2016) - a mini horror/thriller short film from Chris Collier.

The film is on Amazon to Buy/Rent and in this day and age, it's a positive way to get short films out there on a platform seen by film watchers. Harvest was shot on 4k Cameras and sets up a story that could be seen in a Hammer Horror film with modern day make-up effects and gore thrown in!

It's an enjoyable, nicely paced little film by Chris Collier - who is also working on Salient Minus Ten as the Sound Department. It's probably not for the squeamish, but there are some nice settings and locations as the film goes on. Luna Wolf is a strong female lead in which others can look up to and see what the modern scream queen can do.

Suspenseful and worth a peek. Collier knows how to build suspense on a low budget and basic locations. I enjoyed his efforts with his filming/acting team.

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