Thursday, 29 December 2016

Review: Rats (2016) - Directed by Mark Logan (December 2016)

Rats (2016) - a Mark Logan film.
Plot: "Bill (Nicolas Burman-Vince) is a middle aged antiquarian book specialist who arrives at Montague Castle to catalog their more interesting volumes. But this academic has other things on his mind, he intends to spend a night of passion with Jess (Jessica Messenger), one of his undergraduates. What better way to impress a girl than a night alone in a medieval castle? Only they aren't quite alone. Scratching noises can be heard through the walls and someone, or something, is watching. By the end of this night Bill will learn that within these ancient walls every action has consequences. Terrible, terrifying consequences."

Mark Logan directs Rats (2016). It reminded in some ways of Castle Freak (1995), with strange dwelling creatures and a good looking cast with touches of quirks and the off beat! It features a nice location in a castle, itself! There were nice shots of eerie hallways and the cast of Jessica Messenger (Wasteland [2015]), Nicholas Burman-Vince (Mindless [2016]) and Laurence Harvey blended well. There are twists and turns in this Castle, too... it's so simple in the small cast and the music by Eric Elick sets it all up in it's creepiness.

The project started of an Indiegogo and raised 6k (roughly) to make. There were practical effects by Paul While - the make-up was by Candice Redford. Rumor has it director Logan wanted to make an Anthology out of the Rats series. The film went to Frightfest, too.

Nicholas Burman-Vince plays Bill in "Rats" (2016) - spooky horror short.

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