Thursday, 21 December 2017

Review: Santa's Little Ferrets (2014) - Directed by Alison Parker! (December 2017)

A Charming Christmas Critter Caper!
When the children won't sleep on Christmas Eve, it's up to Dad to tell the Kids a Festive bedtime story! The story of Santa's Little Ferrets (2014) - Three little furry critters that are helping Santa do his Yearly round of present giving. I love Ferrets! I love the little critters, so I naturally enjoyed this. It's fun, it's silly and any Ferret fan should enjoy it, too!

It might not be for everybody, but come on, it's FUN!! The Ferrets are well trained for it's low indie short budget and this film can be ordered on DVD, It also comes with other BONUS FERRET SHORTS and Features!! Pick it up this holiday season if you want a light-hearted laugh and watch it every year to feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Please, check the website, HERE!

Monday, 4 December 2017

CANCER RESEARCH APPEAL: Strictly... (Jessica) Messenger takes to the Ultra Ballroom!! (December 2017)

The lovely East-Midlands actress, Jessica Messenger raising for Cancer Research!
Miss Jessica Messenger is an east-midlands actress and film-fanatic! Having starred as the lead role of Beth in Tom Wadlow's Wasteland (2015), she went onto feature in many short films and become a regular @ Frightfest!! In 2018, she is looking to rekindle an old passion of Ballroom Dancing in Ultra Ballroom for Charity. It will be for Cancer Research and she is looking to raise £500 for the appeal. Good luck Miss Messenger and below is the ever so fun: Wasteland Harlem Shake from 2012. Please, Click HERE to Donate.

OUT NOW: Shin Godzilla (2016) STOMPS Onto UK DVD/Blu-Ray!! (December 2017)

Taken in FOPP - Nottingham!! OUT NOW!!
Manga UK has released the mighty SHIN GODZILLA (2016) onto Dvd/Blu-Ray here in the UK. Today is 4th, December 2017 and see below for SPECIAL FEATURE Details... STOMP!! I Purchased my copy from FOPP NOTTINGHAM.

Special Features: 
Pre-Visuals & Outtakes 
Making VFX - Shin Godzilla Visual 
Effects Breakdown 
Pre-Visual Reel

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Review: The Furfangs (2010) - Directed by Andrea Ricca! (December 2017)

The Furfangs (2010) is directed by a talented film-maker and Youtuber named, Andrea Ricca. I was familiar with this short film back in 2013, but didn't know he was still making his films until recently and checking out his Youtube Channel. TFF may seem like a Critters (1985) rip-off, but I see it as a Homage and way of making a low budget short film with Comedy & Heart! I loved it then, in 2013, and love it now with Ricca's creative CGI Effects!! It's that simple!!

Little, evil creatures in The Furfangs come to earth to terrorize Ricca (playing the lead role) in his home whilst trying to fend them off with everyday house-objects! Again, simple enough but executed with laughter and humor. Piperdork from Youtube also praised this film - who is a monster/horror/sci-fi fan, too.

Be sure to check out the rest of his work and short films: HERE!

Andrea Ricca - CGI Short Films done with F-U-N!!

Friday, 1 December 2017

Happy December... Where to go from Here? (December 2017)

MrSheltonTV in Deviant Angel - Nottingham.
Happy December, guys!! Sorry if I've been a bit quiet on the Blog as of late. Like I said in the previous entry, it's time for new creative beginnings and era shattering awesomeness. Yes, I did put a few things on hold, but now is the time going into 2018 to try and heal stressful thoughts and any Negative Feelings! I am trying, anyway. I hope you all are well and continue to follow my films(?)/life through social media. A few things are being lined up as well as conducting an Interview on Depression and Stress related issues in the near future. Below is a Poem I put together in a video... please, enjoy!

Thursday, 30 November 2017

New Creative Beginnings... Thanks for Supporting!! (November 2017)

I made a new short film over on Youtube: Time Will Tell (2017). It shows that an era has come to an end, but not to worry. There are NEW Creative Ways on the Horizon, I feel in my Heart! Please, enjoy the Video. I've been told, it's a Little Sad, but Relevant in the place I am at - at this point in time! Stay Safe... MrSheltonTV.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The Montreal Screwjob: 20 Years On - Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels vs Vince MacMahon!! (November 2017)

The Montreal Screwjob: 20 Years On...
It's been 20 Long Years!! "Vince Screwed Bret!", "Bret Screwed Bret!" - which ever way you look at it, it was a shocking time in the WWE/WWF. I was always for Bret Hart and still am, today. This doesn't mean I hate on the then opponent for Hart in Michaels in that infamous match at Survivor Series 1997 in Canada. Even though Shawn got the hate, it was Vince MacMahon, HHH, Pat Patterson and even Jim Ross that was in on all this in private meetings behind the scenes.

Bret Hart was due to leave for WCW - Vince had asked the long term wrestling Legend to leave due to financial worry in the WWE. Meetings were held behind Hart's back and the ending of the match was due to be a run-in by D-X (HHH and Chyna - RIP) and the Hart Foundation (on the side of Bret). Vince rang the bell whilst Shawn had Bret in a Sharpshooter (Bret's own move). We all know the story in the Wrestling community and Bret ended up in WCW month's later - replelling anything to do with the WWE until a surprise return in 2010.

I watched the match, well it was scrambled on PPV on old SKY TV in November, 1997. I was always pulling for Bret Hart and had a bad feeling about the match in my gut at the time. It's hard to watch the match as it felt very sloppy and a lot of chaos in and out the ring pursued between the two gladiator Legend wrestlers in Hart and Michaels. It was a messy match and Bret was leaving WWE and this wasn't the way it was supposed to happen in all fairness. HHH was said to be pulling strings in meetings with Vince and saying, if Bret didn't want to do business by dropping the then WWE title, then the company would take it off him in their own way... in which actually happened. This enraged Bret in which all members of D-X, Vince and officials got out of Hart's way, leaving him to trash the ring-side area and writing "WCW" in the air with his fingers as the PPV went off air!

It's a very sad affair to see your heroes fall on Live TV which broke the forth-wall in Wrestling! Shawn did get the blame for all of this as he was left holding the so-called Smoking Gun on Bret Hart's departure from WWE.

I'm not gonna lie, I felt cheated as much as Bret did that night sitting in my home, feeling confused and angry at the WWE angle on scrambled TV. It didn't seem fair and a major injustice cheated the fans just as much as Bret Hart must have felt at the time. In time though, Hart got over the incident and made friends again with Shawn and even the WWE upon a very short return to WWE. However, was the damage all ready done? Hart had suffered from the loss of his brother, Owen Hart too, in 1999 when the young wrestler died in the WWE, live on PPV. This must of fueled the Hart family to try and sue the WWE. It must have been a horrible time for the Hart family, no doubt!

How do I feel, now? I feel over it, what happened, did happen, doesn't mean that it was a great, feel good moment, but WWE will always continue no matter what as a Company into the 21st Century. Bret Hart seems to come and go as he pleases, always very vocal on the Wrestling scene which may get him criticism from others, but I still respect the guy as much as the likes of The Undertaker, Kurt Angle and many other classic Legends of the Ring! It's been a hard road for Bret and Family, I'm sure and HHH, Vince MacMahon continue to do business in WWE. Michaels retired by losing to The Undertaker at two Wrestlemania's. I wish Bret the best of luck in future and the present since it all kicked off that fateful night in Montreal, November, 1997!

For more information on The Monreal Screwjob, see Here!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

In Memory of Pete Hawkins (Happy Halloween) (October 2017)

In Memory of Pete Hawkins - A Small Tribute to a Supportive Being.
October, 31st 2017 marks a year of the sad passing of London-based, Peter Hawkins. He was said to be a massive supporter of the arts, film and anything creative. I had only met Mr Hawkins a few times on my adventures to London and he is sorely missed by his friends and family.

Upon meeting Mr Hawkins myself in the past, he always had a cheeky sense of humor in telling me that I was a Northern? It's still East Midlands, but that doesn't matter, of course. He was always asking me if I was coming along to events and gatherings and also made the effort to welcome others. Take Cares, Mr Hawkins. 

Friday, 27 October 2017

Review: "I'm A Gun!" (2017) - Directed by Mikeal Burgin!! (October 2017)

"I'm A Gun!" (2017) - A Crafty Cross-Genre Thriller!
Intense short film I'm A Gun (2017) is directed, written and edited by Mikeal Burgin. It's a ten minute film narrated by a Hitman who is killing off his Prey in the City. It has got a slight Tarantino feel in it's approach with a bit of dark humor and obvious Violence! It features a few twists here and there - featuring some bad language and intense drama scenes, too! For Mature Audiences, Only!

I really enjoyed I'm A Gun! The soundtrack was killer towards the end and keeps you on your toes. Burgin is a crafty film maker dipping into genres which takes the audience on a wild, unpredictable ride through Cinema Craftiness!

Plot: "A gun-for-hire accepts a shady contract targeting a beautiful and deadly woman. When the mark's disabled brother gets in the way, the job quickly turns into a desperate fight for survival inside a den of madness and brutality.".

Also, Check out the Review for MB's: "My Friend, Max" (2017). Also, go to MB's Youtube Channel!!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The Walking Dead - Season 8 episode 1: Dedicated to George A Romero!! (October 2017)

George A Romero who passed away in 2017.
The Walking Dead returned this week with Season 8. It was the 100th Episode of the TV series which begun in 2010. The end credits credited the late George A Romero (who reportedly wasn't a fan of the show) and Stunt-Man, John Bernecker (who sadly died on the show behind the scenes).  These were dedications to the two. Whatever Romero's thoughts on the show, these two dedications were a nice touch on the show.

Season 8 - Episode 1 of The Walking Dead!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Review: Saturday the 14th (1981) (October 2017)

Beware of... Saturday the 14th (1981) - Comedy Horror any day of the week!

It's gone Friday the 13th, so naturally Saturday the 14th (1981) follows a day later! In ST14th film, we are treated to a house full of monsters as a Vampire couple are on the loose to try and retain an old book found by a family, which have moved into a spooky new house! Monsters are everywhere and there is even a twist at the end of the film, which really entertained me.

I own this film on good old VHS... it's good silly fun! The film was Produced by Julie Corman.

Saturday the 14th: Strikes Back, followed!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Happy Friday the 13th!! @mayhem_festival Showing Horror Films!! (October 2017)

Happy Friday the 13th??
Not only is it October and a Friday, today... but, it's a Friday the 13th! Lucky for some? Mayhem Film Festival @ Broadway Cinema, Nottingham is showing Friday the 13th: Part III, tonight @ 10pm. It's directed by Steve Miner and is Reviewed below by Myself & Steven Chamberlain:

Sunday, 8 October 2017

SIX HOT CHICKS IN A WAREHOUSE (2017) set to Premiere this November in London!! (October 2017)

Six Hot Chicks... A Film by Simon Edwards.
Simon Edwards is a film maker who was lucky enough to be locked in a warehouse to film "SIX HOT CHICKS!", so to speak.

SIX HOT CHICKS IN A WAREHOUSE debuts on November 2 @ 7pm, Tickets are £8 @ Hen & Chickens Theatre, 109 St Paul’s Road, London, N1 2NA. The film also features a number of sassy ladies in this Clever-looking Hard-Hitting Horror!!

For More Info, see - HERE! Plus an Interview with one of the Stars in Jessica Messenger, HERE!!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Event: The Misty Moon International Film Festival 2017 – The Finalists!! (October 2017)

Congrats to the MISTY MOON Finalists, 2017!
The Finalists for this year’s Misty Moon International Film Festival have been announced. Good Luck to everybody that are taking part in 2017. There is also a special award this year for the late, Peter Hawkins (see below) who was a friend to many on the film and art scene. The event will be held at The Cinema Museum, London on Saturday, 28th October, 2017.

2017 Film Line-Up:

A Woman Apart
Mary Omelina

Alexander Mattingly

Miro Caminade

Vandella Day
John McCourt

Stake Out
Charlie Hanson

Layke Anderson

Room For Rent
Fernando Simarro

Holy F**K
Christian Chalken

The Jitterman
Alex Mathieson

The Hunter
George Moore

The Quiet Zone
Andrew Lonides

A Special AWARD at MM, dedicated to the late Peter Hawkins.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

SHORT FILM: Ode to the Night (2017) - Directed by John H Shelton! (October 2017)

"Ode to the Night" - A Vampire/Horror Short Film for Halloween on Rental!
Ode to the Night (2017) is Directed and Created by John H Shelton. It's a Vampire short-film in which David (played by Dylan Knight) is stalked in his Nightmares by not one, but two female Vampires! The voice over and Poem was done by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc and features Marie Wagstaffe and Patsy Buck as the Gruesome Vampire Twosome!

Rent the film below for ONLY £2.99 on Youtube! Happy October/Halloween Month!

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Beyond Macabre (2017) - Short/Experimental/Horror Clown Film!! (October 2017)

Alex Reed in BEYOND MACABRE (2017).
This is it,,, It's October and it's Halloween Month!! Esme Rose-Shelton (aka MrSheltonTV) Presents: Beyond Macabre (2017) for your viewing pleasure online! It's an experimental horror starring Dylan Knight as a man being stalked in his mind by EVIL CLOWNS... or is it a Reality of Nightmares? Also, the film stars Alex Reed and Steven Chamberlain. Writing Credits Include: MrSheltonTV & Andrea Van Scoyoc (Poetry). Stay Scared!!

Rent the Film on Youtube for ONLY: £2.99.

Happy October!! Halloween Month!! (October 2017)

Merl & John get in on the Halloween Act for October!!
Happy October Guys! It's Halloween month and I believe a Friday the 13th date falls this Month, too! You can expect a few horror reviews too on my Youtube Channel and horror related Videos to try and keep Boys & Ghouls' entertained to Autumn. The Walking Dead - Season 8 - also returns to TV Screens this Month, so get spooky with family and friends! Below is a Review I did on Halloween (1978) - directed by John Carpenter. Enjoy the season, guys... stay Scared, but safe!!

Friday, 22 September 2017

Interview: Pamela Moore (Singer/Musician) (September 2017)

Singer, Pamela Moore.
Pamela Moore is a solo musical-artist from Seattle, USA. She also found fame with the band Queensryche in 1988's Operation: Mindcrime. She has also been a great vocalist (in my eyes) and continues to make music - starting in the early 80's with Solo Albums and Musical experience and style changes!

Tell me a bit about the NEW up-and-coming Album?
Well,  without saying too much…  the new album is being mastered right now, design for the cover artwork is underway and once all that is finished we will be announcing the name of the album and a release date with pre sales 3 months prior to the release date.   I’ve invited some stellar musicians to join me and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!  Casey Grillo (Kamelot) on Drums, Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osborne, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake) on Bass, Randy Piper (W.A.S.P.) on Guitar and “spoken voice”, and Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) sharing his voice on a duet, with my guitar players and co-writers,  Michael Posch and Craig Church.

What Singers Inspired you growing up?
I was inspired by my cousin, Terri Nunn (Berlin)  Just watching her stage presence and confidence was beyond stunning… she still IS STUNNING, inside and out!   I’ve always been in awe of Paul Rodgers too! But, this question is so difficult because I have so many artists that have inspired me in so many different ways.

You have a Harder Metal sound on Resurrect Me Album... What was your Input?
MY input?  If I’m understanding you correctly perhaps it’s the many years that I worked with Queensryche.  Sharing the stage with Geoff was an embedded offering of inspiration and I would say that rubbed off on me.  But, I’ve always wanted to do a hard rock, metal album and finding the perfect collaboration for that was key.  It just seemed fitting.

Is there anybody you'd Dream to Collaborate with in Music?
Well,  I had a huge dream to work with Chris Cornell.  I can’t believe he is gone… such a loss we won’t ever be able to hear anymore new music from him.  His voice was incredible!  Chris could be gritty, clean, powerful and tender all in one song.  But, his inspiration lives on forever.  RIP Chris Cornell.

Over the Years, how do you feel attitudes to Female Singers have Changed? Positive - I Hope?
I’ve seen a lot of progress over the years as attitudes have changed toward Women In Rock and I would say, artistically, it feels more equal.   But, we still seem to place so much emphasis on how we “look” that some artists (men and women) may get “overlooked” because they don’t fit the “cookie cutter” image.  “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”. ~ Aristotle.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Trailer Released for: "FOR THE LOVE OF GODZILLA" (2017) - A Film Documentary!! (September 2017)

Artwork by Andy Soar - FOR THE LOVE... OF GODZILLA (2017).
For the Love of Godzilla is A MrSheltonTV Production on Youtube. It's a Film Documentary focusing on Godzilla Fans from around the world and made by G-Fans, too. The release date in November, 3rd - 2017 online and below is the Trailer.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Trailer Released for: “Mad Women in My Attic! A Cabaret of Musical Lunacy” (September 2017)

“Mad Women in My Attic! A Cabaret of Musical Lunacy”
Cabaret performer Monica Salvi and filmmaker Samantha Oči have partnered up to create an eccentric promotional video for the upcoming stage show “Mad Women in my Attic! A Cabaret of Musical Lunacy” - which is due to be performed in London and New York in October 2017.

Shot in London’s Murder Mile Studio (a renowned alternative venue and S&M Dungeon) the trailer is full of dark humour. Miss Salvi describes it as “Hammer Horror meets Rocky Horror meets Alice Cooper” - citing these influences as her greatest inspirations whilst growing up. Paired with the dark and dramatically lit atmospheres that characterise Miss Oči’s cinematography style, the trailer seeks to conveys a small taste of what is to come with Miss Salvi’s full theatrical show.

Miss Salvi had this to say about the trailer and forthcoming show: “I think we all have a trigger for madness within ourselves to some degree, and the more we acknowledge it, explore it and allow our ‘emotional madness’ to come out in a healthy and creative way, the easier it is to recognise it in others, and build better relationships, not based on judgement, but on understanding. I want this show to inspire people to unleash their own streak of madness!”

Miss Oči added: “I've always been drawn towards imagery that is both dark and surreal, and I think that my cinematography reflects that.  ‘"Mad Women in My Attic!" really appealed to my sensibilities, and I was very excited to work with Monica and the eccentric women that she unleashed during the making of the trailer. Against the bleak and dark backdrop of the dungeon where the trailer was filmed, I really liked the juxtaposition of intense color against black, as I felt that it highlighted Monica’s colorful characters as we delved into their dark but insanely magical world.”

The trailer can be viewed here:

Stunning Photography by two talented Lady Film-makers!
Creative Team:

Monica Salvi is an Italian actress and singer who, ever since her graduation from London's Royal Academy of Music, has often been typecast in roles of crazy women. Artist's website:

Samantha Oči is a London-based filmmaker and photographer with a particular interest in the dark and surreal. Samantha is currently completing a short dark experimental film called ‘Split Personality’’. Artist's website:

Further information and show details:

“Mad Women in my Attic! A Cabaret of Musical Lunacy” can be seen:

In LONDON // Saturday, October 28 at 8:00pm at:
The Other Palace
12 Palace Street
London SW1E 5JA

Tickets £10-£20 at the box office, by phone on 020 7087 7900, or

In NEW YORK CITY // Saturday, October 7 at 4:00pm at:
United Solo Theatre Festival
Theatre Row/Studio Theatre
410 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

Tickets $35.00 available at the Theater Row Box Office or at, or by calling Telecharge at 212-239-6200. 

Monday, 11 September 2017

From Avant - to - BeYond Macabre!! (Film-Making) (September 2017)

Reflecting on the last 18 Months of Filming "MACABRE" Trilogy!!
It’s taken about 18 Months to get to this Point... I started AVANT-MACABRE in March 2016. I went on to do Grand Macabre later that summer in August. In 2017 after start and stops, I finished my Short Film Trilogy with Beyond Macabre.

It’s NOT been easy... like I said, Start/Stop, Start/Stop in focusing talents and direction to make a better saga each time!

Avant-Macabre was developed from pieced-together film making and lack of direction, but it got made and the film was set to Poetry by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc and Gary Baxter and myself. It wasn’t a bad effort on my behalf, but a follow-up would come in Grand Macabre (2016).

GM was a great effort I felt, once I actually came back to the film and employed the VFX of Davy Simmons. It worked a lot better even though YES there may have been room for improvement, but IT finally worked and started to slot into place as a short film.

Beyond Macabre finally came about, again, Start/Stop, etc. when my Communication and some confidence emerged to go ahead with the Project as a Hybrid Clown/Poetry-Horror!! Special Thanks to: Dylan Knight and Alexander Reed for all their Talents on the film and my Younger Brother. Shout Out to: Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, again for Helping keep me Motivated since Avant-Macabre.
Some Projects made it, some projects didn’t, but through continuing being Creative... I think I’ve done darn well.

THANK YOU TO ALL that helped... THANK YOU!!

So... What’s Next? We will see at this point in time and continue to keep writing and creating MOVIE MAGIC and Illusion. I currently going over ideas and writing and plotting my next few films for the Near Future.

DON’T FORGET... I also did a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL last Year for the Holidays.

Friday, 8 September 2017

New Trailer: Beyond Macabre (2017) - Coming Soon!! (September 2017)

Beyond Macabre (2017) - Photo Credit: Dave Skinner.
Below is the Trailer for Beyond Macabre (2017) - the third MACABRE Film. BM Follows Avant-Macabre (2017) and Grand Macabre (2016). The new Experimental/Horror Short stars Dylan Knight, Alex Reed and Steven Chamberlain. It's a story about a man slowly going out of his Mind? However, is it in his Mind? Is it reality? Are the Clowns out to get him?

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Why I Left Past Projects (Gore Feast)!! Indie Horror (September 2017)

MrSheltonTV - FIlm-Maker, Blogger & Vlogger!
In April this year, I felt the need to step aside from the Indie Film Scene. I was very ill with a chest infection, I was down in the dumps and basically NOT creating. This was a hard time and felt grounded to my home and couch not knowing where I was going. Projects were put on hold and I felt very neglected and on my own.

I went to EM-Con eventually just to chill out and meet actor friend, Alex Reed. I felt as though I didn't want to be around BIG crowds and felt closed in and Anxious. Afterwards, and very shortly, myself and Alex went for a Coffee around Nottingham. I was going through my own changes and felt very alone. I explained to Reed that I had to leave-be a previous film Project due to my health concerns and stress levels. He understood and we just talked over a Coffee or two around Nottingham.

I took time out and needed it! I felt badly beaten emotionally and I felt as though I was going through personal changes in my life! My thoughts were getting impulsive and Negative, in-which I didn't enjoy or like.

I dropped out of the past project of Gore Feast after I'd worked to help raise money on an Indiegogo. People were kind and donated, so I have to Thank those people. At the end of it all, I felt as though it was in vain, not because I had to pull-out of the film, but because I was feeling empty and unloved. My creative waves were still on hold. Even though I felt as though I was treated unfairly by the previous Production, I still go on and try to see the best in others.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Happy Birthday: MrSheltonTV + Camden Film Fair - Caroline Munro! (September 2017)

I met Former Bond Girl, Caroline Munro on my Birthday!!
Happy Birthday to MrSheltonTV. Yesterday, Actor Alex Reed and myself returned back to London to go back to The Camden Film Fair @ The Electric Ballroom. Now, I'll admit, it'd been a while and I was taken back a little bit in London. I had to step outside and wipe away a few tears at the time, but it what an awesome day in Camden, again!!

I was reunited with Emma Dark (Salient Minus Ten [2017] - Trailer), Merlyn Roberts, Gary Baxter, Chris (DidactOfDeath) and Friends. I also got to meet the lovely Caroline Munro for the first time after hearing so much about her and seeing her films growing up.

The previous evening, Reed and Myself had watched Slaughter High (1986) and reviewed the film below in a Vlog for Youtube. Thank You London, Camden... I miss you, all ready!! Thank you for the Birthday wishes.

A Flyer for 2nd September's Camden Film Fair  2017.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Dead Cross: "Dead Cross" (Album) - Mini Review!! (August 2017)

Out This Week: DEAD CROSS - "Dead Cross" Album!
Out this week is the NEW Dead Cross self titled Album! It runs at 28 Mins (Approx) and is crazy and heck! Imagine Slayer meets Fantomas and you've got that winning sound of Drummer, Dave Lombardo and busy Vocalist, Mike Patton! The LP/Album is Heavy, Fast and got such an Attitude - it takes NO prisoners at all in it's ballsy Thrash/Punk-like Shredding from somewhere unearthly!!

One may find a few videos online from the band, but be WARNED... NOT for the Faint Heart-ed!! That sums up this album and personalities in this super-group!!


"Dead Cross emerged out of a series of impractical schemes, fallen-through plans, and last-minute musical experimentation. Shows were scheduled before a single song was written, fans were formed before even one show was played. The chaos of its creation seems apt; after all, the band is comprised entirely of artists who have thrived playing tightly-coiled turmoil—intelligent dissonance disguised as disorder. Consisting of Dave Lombardo, Justin Pearson, Michael Crain, and Mike Patton, the impressive, expansive, and eclectic list of prior bands collectively played in would be enough to ensure the unyielding ferocity of the music... but a resume isn’t necessary, here. Dead Cross stands on its own, speaks volumes with its multilayered evil-genius vocals, manic guitar riffs, and brutal rhythms."

Official DEAD CROSS Website:

DEAD CROSS - Track Listing:

1)Seizure and Desist
2) Idiopathic
3) Obedience School
4) Shillelagh
5) Bela Lugosi's Dead
6) Divine Filth
7) Grave Slave
8) The Future Has Been Cancelled
9) Gag Reflex
10) Church of the Motherfuckers

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

All Hail King: Johnny Cash!! (July 2017)

King, Johnny Cash - Legendary Musician.
The Legend that is Johnny Cash was born in 1932 - the era of the Great Depression. At a young age, he would escape to music, lose his young brother, join the forces, marry, divorce and meet the love of his life after forming Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two; in June Carter.

A Musician and deep Song-Writer his career expanded over 50 Years.

Below is a video I made featuring my very own Johnny Cash collection of cds, dvds, posters and vinyls.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Review: Robocop (1987) (July 2017)

Robocop (1987) - The Future of Law Enforcement.
The sci-fi/action shoot-em-up film, Robocop (1987) celebrates 30 years in 2017. This was always a classic from in the day. My family would rent the VHS from the video shop and the film was repeated on TV, but in a cut form due to Censorship.

Robocop stars Peter Weller as the ill-fated Murphy, who is shot up by bad gangster guys, only to be bought back to life as a walking, thinking machine on the side of the Law in future America. The film also stars Nancy Allen as Murphy's partner.

The characters are memorable and the action is bloody and violent. The film uses practical effects and stop-motion on the likes of ED-209: a killer machine armed with machine guns that goes AWOL!

RC is filled with mock adverts and is great story telling, if not a little violent in it's approach. It has an emotional side too, when it comes to the deceased Murphy Frankenstein Creature and the love his moved-on family he left behind. The ONLY answer is REVENGE on those that did him wrong and killed him on police duty!!

Robocop 2 & 3 followed as well as a spin-off LIVE ACTION tv series and cartoon. The film was re-imagined in Robocop (2014) - a lack-luster reboot attempt for Hollywood.

There is a Director's Cut on DVD and Blu-Ray

Interview: Michael Haberfelner ([re]SearchMyTrash) (Screenwriter) (July 2017)

Michael Haberfelner -
I got to question Screenwriter and owner of in Michael Haberfelner. He is currently going to be working with USA Actress, Debra Lamb. He also collaborates with actress Eirian Cohen and actor Laurence Harvey. His screen writer credits include,  A Killer Conversation (2015) and Talk of the Dead (2017).

Tell me about any upcoming Projects you are working on?
Well, the next one is the big one, THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS ZOMBIES, the first feature film I’m going to produce. We start shooting in a little over a week, so all buzzing with excitement and knee-deep in preparations ;) The story is basically a woman welcoming her ex into her house, totally oblivious to the fact that he’s actually a zombie, and her husband, who has killed that very same ex in the first place, is understandably less than thrilled. Eirian Cohen stars as the woman, with Rudy Barrow being her husband, Rami Hilmi the zombie ex, and we have guest appearances by US horror icons Debra Lamb and Lynn Lowry, playing an ineffective zombie hunter and the CEO responsible for the rise of the dead, respectively. It’s a comedy of course. Eddie Bammeke’s in the director’s chair, and it’s produced by me, Eirian and Eddie … oh, and I also wrote the screenplay. We’ve already filmed the parts with Lynn Lowry about 1 ½ years ago and made it into the self-contained short TALK OF THE DEAD, which is currently having a quite successful festival run. Find out more at

After that, we (as in Eirian, Eddie and me) plan to film another short with Lynn Lowry in November, but as for now there’s little I can tell you about that one other than it might be called ESPRESSO TO DIE FOR, not because I want to shroud the project in mystery but because we at the moment focus all of our efforts on THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS ZOMBIES.

And other than that, we’re about to launch or latest short, FIRST IMPRESSIONS CAN KILL – written by me, produced by me and Eirian Cohen, directed by Eddie Bammeke, and starring Eirian, Eddie and Lynn Lowry (are you beginning to see a pattern here ;) ) – on its festival run. That one’s about the auditioning process … and it’s bloody consequences. More at

Your website (re)SearchMyTrash is very popular online... How long has it been going?
Why thank you … and yeah, people do seem to enjoy the site. I actually created the site back in 2003, but worked on it offline for a year and a half before putting it on the net so I could have a running start – if that makes any sense. The basic idea for the site back when was to create a very inclusive film site that would cover movies from all ages, from all over the world, and from the whole budget range. It was only eventually that it became more and more a site about indie genre films as I became immersed in that world more and more … not that I complain in the slightest.

How did you first come into contact with Debra Lamb?
Originally, I did an interview with her five or so years ago, and thanks to her winning personality, we remained in touch ever since. We soon, too, discovered we shared the same sense of humor, so it was only natural that eventually we started planning to make a movie together – but at first, only little became of it as all our projects were of too high a budget, as one of us or the other constantly snuck talking animals into our scripts ;) But when the role of the ineffective zombie hunter in THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS ZOMBIES became vacant (it was cast before I even knew Debra personally, but the project went through numerous shake-ups cast and crew-wise over the years), it was only natural I’d ask her – and fortunately she said yes.

You (MH) work with Eirian Cohen, too - how did you meet?
Oh, that was another interview from about 5 years ago. Again, we remained loosely in touch and eventually started to work on a project – together with my actress friend Dawn Hills – which as of yet still has to come to fruitition. Anyways, as I told you, there were numerous cast and crew shake-ups with THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS ZOMBIES, one of which concerning the female lead – and again, it felt only natural I’d ask her (plus of course she’s an awesome actress), and she said yes. And eventually, when the project (the TALK OF THE DEAD-portion of our feature that is) was about to sink due to unforseeable circumstances I managed to rope her in to produce alongside me, and it was really her who saved the day back when. We’ve since done two more shorts (above-mentioned FIRST IMPRESSIONS CAN KILL and the horror farce THE NIGHT MONICA CAME BACK starring Laurence R. Harvey of HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 fame ) besides a few smaller projects, and I’m confident there are many more to come!

Finally, any shout-outs you wanna add? Any more hidden Talents?
A big shout-out to Melanie Denholme who’s currently busy bringing my first ever screenplay A KILLER CONVERSATION (which we filmed back in 2012) to the stage.
Shout-out to the WPaD (Writers, Poets and Deviants) writers collective, the only “club” I’m actually proud of being a member. We’ll be releasing a science fiction anthology this fall, and knowing these guys and girls, prepare yourself for a very warped experience.

And finally, shout-out to all the cast and crew members of TALK OF THE DEAD/THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS ZOMBIES not mentioned above, including Scott Hillier, Paul Sutton, Alexander Fernando, Rachel Brownstein, Martina McClements, Reis Daniel, Marcella Woods, Layla Randle-Conde, J. Robert Byam, Gaffyn Voorzta, Rosalie Bottley, makeup ladies Rachel Betteridge and Anne Derbyshire, score composer Paul Henshaw, PAs Sharon Spink and Debbie Ballard … and I’m sure I’m forgetting quite a few people, so please forgive me, everybody not mentioned, I’m not neglecting you, it’s just … erm, the heat here is frying my brain – yep, that’s what it is, I stand by this...

And as for hidden talents – haha, invite me to a sixpack of beer or three and you’ll hear my rendition of the Scorpions classic HERE I AM, ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICAAANE … be warned, it ain’t pretty – but it’s a talent ;) (this joke is dedicated to Anna P.)

(re)Search my Trash -

Saturday, 22 July 2017

A Few DVD/BLU-RAY Updates: KONG!!! The Simpsons!! (July 2017)

Kong: Skull Island (2017) from - 3D Blu-Ray!
Happy Weekend, People... I have some new pick-ups in the NEWLY Released 3D Blu-Ray of, KONG: SKULL ISLAND (2017). Also, in the video below I have a dvd show-off via my SIMPSONS box-set collection!!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Rest In Peace: George A Romero (1940 - 2017) (July 2017)

Film-maker George A Romero has Passed Away...
Sad News: Due to a short, but aggressive fight with Lung Cancer, Director/Film-Maker, George A Romero has passed away. He was 77 Years Old. He was surrounded by loved ones and passed away in his sleep listening to the music score of The Quiet Man.

The director was known HUGELY to his famous DEAD series which feature the Modern take on the Zombie creature!!

Rest in Peace, Uncle George...

Friday, 9 June 2017

Dark Vale (2018) - Directed by Jay MJ Brown (June 2017)

Jay MJ Brown's Second Indie Feature Film: Dark Vale (2018).
Dark Vale (2018) is a film I followed online for a few years on/off. Jason MJ Brown is a Nottingham film-maker with a passion for the game, but on a low-budget. The film starts of with a Carpenter-like "The Fog [1981]" introduction with a creepy campfire tale. The story sets up a young couple who are pursued by a vengeful Ghost in Lucy!

Cara Middleton
in Dark Vale (2018)
Darren Randall and Cara Middleton (the lead couple) had great chemistry as lead actors. They are great to watch together and we could see great things from them soon or respectively. Chloe Clarke as Lucy the Ghost is creepy (with Digital Effects by Jason, himself), I've even met her and she was a very down to earth girl.

There are some nice locations around Nottingham-shire in this film. It is like a tourist film, but in a good way showing off the director's home-town. The film also stars Katie Ward, another well known actress from the east midlands area.

Mr Brown has an obsession with the supernatural and creates a creepy little indie film in Dark Vale. It took a few years and cast changes to get finished and can be soon seen on the Wild Eye Entertainment label from the USA on dvd. It is due for a May 2018 release onto DVD.

Jason's next project will be called MORRIS - another Horror film based on an urban legend in which he takes an interest in. This becomes evident in his films like Dark Vale!!


Sunday, 4 June 2017

Stay Strong London in the Face of Hate!! (June 2017)

Stay Strong, London in 2017 & Beyond!
What a horrible time for London and the World and the whole of the UK. More Terror-related attacks have occurred in the City of London. Last Month, it was Manchester... killing innocent young lives and now, this! Words are few, but terror must be stopped! My thoughts go out to families and loved ones affected in such senseless acts of violence. Stay Strong, London... stay strong... The World.

NOH8... Stay Strong WORLD x

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Esme RoxXx... Gender Dysphoria? (May 2017)

My title
Sorry about the lack of updates, guys! I haven't been my usual blogging self but now I'm back... for the moment! I have come to the revolution that I actually Trans-gendered like I always thought in the last ten years. My GP said that I did have a form of Gender Dysphoria in-which I all ready did my research. I suffer from depression, too and the anxiety is what I want to be set free from! I have had unwanted suicidal thoughts and now it's time to go forward! I am Esme RoxXx deep down and she wants to play. I hope this all makes sense as it should soon.
I have suffered for a long time now, since I lost my job in 2007. That was ten years ago! I wish I'd of said something sooner, but I didn't know until the GP put my antidepressants up to figure out who I was? I am looking into Therapy in the the very near future, too... Take Cares x

Saturday, 22 April 2017

New "IT" (2017) - Trailer Reaction & Thoughts!! (April 2017)

A few weeks ago, the new IT (2017) trailer dropped online. In the above video I give some thoughts on what I have seen of it online. To see the original trailer, just search online or on Youtube! The new film/retelling of the Stephen King novel is directed by  ‎Andrés Muschietti.

The new IT (2017) - Due out September, 2017 in Cinemas.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

NEWS: King Kong? getting a TV Spin-Off? (April 2017)

Kong... On TV??
It looks like King Kong is getting the tv treatment, soon! MarVista Entertainment and IM Global Television are developing a tv series with a female lead.

The Following was found on Dread Central: "The series is being written by Jonathan Penner and Stacy Title (The Bye Bye Man) and is said to follow a female-led multicultural expedition that delves into the world of Skull Island and the mysteries it holds. MarVista and IM Global TV will develop, co-produce, and co-finance the series; Penner and Title will executive produce with Dannie Festa of World Builder Entertainment.".

It sounds an exciting production and project for television, monster fans! Source and Info, HERE!

Brie Lawson in Kong: Skull Island (2017).

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Review: Jurassic World (2015) - Directed by Colin Trevorrow! (Review) (April 2017)

JW (2015) - The 4th "Jurassic Park" Installment!
Jurassic World (2015) takes place 22 years after the first Jurassic Park (1993) film. This time, Steven Spielberg would Executive Produce the 4th film in the long-running dinosaur franchise. The moto for this film is "RUN!" as new visitors visit the infamous "Park" envisioned by the late John Hammond. There is a sense of awe and wonder as the Dinosaurs bring to this new generation a Disney-esq experience like no other!

The film stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Howard is helping engineer cross-over Dinos as this film features a super dino called, Indominus Rex (cross between a T-Rex and Raptor) - which soon escapes and soon starts to kill off the wildlife and tourists!

Pratt is the hero of the film, who trains Velociraptors (one named "Blue") who must track down the super dinosaur and missing children heroes who are wrapped up in the danger!

Another stand out dinosaur is Mosasaurus - a water bound creature which feeds on Sharks in it's watery playpen. Without giving too much away, it feeds on more than just Sharks and sealife! It's Sea World gone wrong!!

The film takes the classic JP plot-line and turns it up a notch or two with bigger dinosaurs and CGI Special Effects and Action!

A sequel is also planned in: Jurassic World II in 2018.

IN MEMORY: Carlos Dunn (Indie Film-maker) has Passed Away! (Rest In Peace) (September 2018)

Some sad news to report. The film community in the Indie Field are stunned to learn that Film-maker and Writer , Carlos Dunn has pass...