Monday, 9 January 2017

Review: Dark Light (2016) - Directed by Anthony M Winson (January 2017)

Dark Light (2016) can be seen online by Mr Stitch Films (Anthony M Winson)
Anthony M Winson is said to like Cliches in horror and uses them to his advantage as a film maker.

In Dark Light (2016) - which can be seen online - a group of girls are terrified to death of a an unseen force. They are at an abandoned haunted location dealing with "The Beast" in this 3-4 minute Chiller.

There are some sharp, jumpy sound effects in there and dark lighting. Add the scared witless cast of ladies and you've got yourself a mini-horror film... so simple, but effective!

Merits to the cast for being lit in the dark and being in such dank locations! Winson has always had a thing for the supernatural and demonic horror. Again, it's simple, but very cool.

For more on Mr Stitch Films, please see the Official Website. Please, also see my previous Review of The Haunting of Baylock Residence (2014) - HERE.

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