Saturday, 7 January 2017

Short Film: Dark Clouds (2017) - Directed by John H Shelton! (Suicide Awareness) (January 2017)

Dark Clouds (2017) is a short Suicide Awareness video by John H Shelton. It's a simple story: "A guy contemplates ending his life until he hears and meets the voice of reason". Mr Shelton also stars in the short in two roles in hopes of raising awareness as it is Suicide Prevention/Awareness month as it should always be... You are NOT alone!

John: "I hope others can enjoy the short film and raise more awareness for people with unwanted Negative thoughts to Suicide/taking an own life! Enjoy and obviously share to others in need or families and friends to encourage more Positive Thinking".

For further info, please contact a friend, a GP, NHS or Samaritans.

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