Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Review: King Kong Lives (1986) - Directed by John Guillermin (February 2017)

King Kong Lives (1986) - Directed by John Guillermin.
Ten years after King Kong (1976), came King Kong Lives (1986) - a direct sequel by John Guillermin - again. Kong is in a coma from the giant fall from the Twin Towers building and needs a blood fusion and heart transplant to stay alive! Linda Hamilton plays a surgeon whilst in the jungle another Kong (a lady one) is discovered by an explorer. This sets up the sequel and Kong gets his operation, but things go wrong when Mr and Mrs Kong escape into the wilderness in the USA!

The army are in pursuit, so are redneck hunters and the media in King Kong Lives.

A bit of a throw-away sequel, but a fun one if you can switch off all reality. If not, then this film might not be for you? It features actors in Kong suits, a bit like in the 1976 version, but the enemy here is mankind and a bloody battle with the army happens towards the end of the film.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Trailer: Kong: Skull Island (2017) (February 2017)

The final trailer for Kong: Skull Island (2017) is here from Warner Bros! The film stars Tom Hiddleston and features the largest incarnation of the legendary King Kong, yet! The feature film is due out 9/10th of March, 2017.

Also, at the end of the film, stay through the credits to see what happens next and for what us KAIJU/MONSTER fans have been waiting for... Enjoy!! Just be warned: Trailer may contain SPOILERS!

Kong: Skull Island - Coming March, 2017.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

RIP: Bill Paxton (1955 - 2017) (February 2017)

Rest in Peace: Actor, Bill Paxton.
According to reports, Bill Paxton (Actor) has passed away from surgical complications. The actor was only 61. Paxton was a regular supporting actor in Hollywood - may he rest in peace and thoughts towards family and friends at this time.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Poster: Six Hot Chicks In A Warehouse!! (February 2017)

The new "SIX HOT CHICKS" Poster!
Here is something to get your heart-beat going... Jessica Messenger and pals in the NEW poster to: Six Hot Chicks in a Warehouse. Below is the video soundtrack sample from Youtube. Enjoy!! Sexy stuff, indeed, blended with kick-butt horror!!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Review: Frankula (2016) - Directed by Jason Read! (February 2017)

Frankula (2017) - A campy British Vampire Comedy!
If you watch Frankula (2016) - expect to see some familiar British faces of TV and Horror: David Barry, Caroline Munro, Judy Matheson and upcoming actress Emma Dark (Seize the Night [2015]). It's a short film with a campy tone by Jason Read about Frankie Abbot who dreams of Vampires!

It's a fun little short which can be found HERE on Amazon Video. It features some nice gothic locations like graveyards and lovely looking Vampire women showing their fangs. No real gore, just British humor. Actress and Carry On Screaming! (1966) lady, Fenella Fielding also provides a voice-over in what feels like a throw-back to the old comedy series, too

Shout out to the Misty Moon Film Society. Give it a look - it's harmless fun.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Review: Nasty (2015) - Directed by Prano Bailey-Bond (February 2017)

Prano Bailey-Bond directs Nasty (2015). A young boy is obsessed and drawn into the world of VHS horror when his father goes missing - set in 1982 (the video nastie-era).

Clever throw-back horror which features influences and imagery from the likes of The Evil Dead (1981) and other low-budget of the time. It's nicely shot with a screen-wash effect and VHS quality grain. It even starts out using Night of the Living Dead (1968) sound effects and music, which is very entertaining to old school horror-fans. The cars and vehicles are even throw backs to the time in 1982. This includes the fashion and where the UK was back-then. A period piece, indeed.

As the mystery unravels of the missing father-figure, it also features a nice twist, video-NASTY-like ending with a little bit of heart... still beating. I found this short film interesting, entertaining, scary and even moving, but definitely a homage to all things NASTY!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Con News: Bristol-based Horror Convention "A Touch of Horror" In March!! (February 2017)

Guests, Memorabilia, Walk-throughs and Horror!!
Because Horror isn’t just for Halloween...

Our event is comic con meets a twist of horror aka “A Touch of Horror”. Fans will have the chance to meet guest signers Caroline Munro, Emma Dark, Barbara Nedeljakova and Madeline Smith.

Attendees will have the opportunity to buy autographs and have photoshoots with the guests. The attendees will have the opportunity to see one of the most iconic movie cars, The Ghostbuster Ecto 1.

As well as the Celebrities we also have a selection of trade stalls, which have oodles of Memorabilia, Comics, clothing, posters, figures, jewelry, bags, cuddly toys and ... well, you get the idea -good stuff.

For those hardened horror fans we invite you to the Optimus Asylum – a live horror walk through. As well the above we have plenty more to see and do from prop displays to workshops. An event not to be missed and suitable for all ages (age restriction on the walkthrough). To find out more and book your tickets please visit www.optimusconvention.com.

Optimus “A Touch of Horror” will be held:

Saturday the 11th of March 2017 at the 
ECC building, UWE Frenchay Campus, North Entrance, Bristol, BS34 8QZ.

The event opens at 10am and closes at 6pm. Online ticket prices are as follows –

Adult - £7 (16 yrs+)
Child - £5 (5 yrs+)
Family - £18 (2 adults, 2 children)
Under 5’s - Free
Live Horror Walkthrough - £3

Caroline Munro (Left) and Emma Dark are some of the guests signing.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Review: My Friend Max (2017) - Directed by Mikeal Burgin (February 2017)

 My Friend Max (2017) - Directed by Mikeal Burgin
Synopsis: "After the loss of her father, young Thea has lived a secluded life without any friends, except for one. Her imaginary friend, Max, is a cause for concern for Thea's mother, who drastically intervenes with Thea's solitary social life. As a result, Max finds himself competing for Thea's attention, and his own existence.".

A Drop Dead Fred-esq short film from Mikeal Burgin sees a young girl talking to her imaginary friend to her mother's confusion. In My Friend Max (2017) - Max (the imaginary being played by actor Doug Jones) fights for the attention of the little girl when the mother gets involved in personal affairs of the young girl's life!

Moving stuff... Max gets upset and real life seems to get in the way for the odd/real/imaginary couple. It seems that Max has his own demons, too to contend with.

There was some nice acting chemistry between the little girl and her made-up friend. We are are rooting for her and her naive charm and friendship for Max. She sees a Psychologist who is also trying to get to the bottom of the little girl's life. The imaginary friend is definitely a metaphor in her life. This short film plays with the emotions, but is nicely put together. There are demons to face, but in moving fashion for everybody in this film.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Review: King Kong (1976) - Directed by John Guillermin (February 2017)

Jessica Lange in the grip of the mighty King Kong (1976)
I love monster movies! King Kong (1976) is a risky remake of the classic 1933 original. I happened to watch the three-hour tv cut of the film and enjoyed it! The special effects were fun to watch as Rick Baker donned the giant ape suit to play Kong.

A boat-crew set sail to find oil. There is a mysterious island surrounded by fog for over 35 years. On this trip, a woman is found in a life boat - the beautiful Jessica Lange in an evening/cocktail black number dress. Among the crew are Jeff Bridges and Charles Grodin. Once they reach the island, the crew are confronted by a tribe of island people that sacrifice their women to their mysterious island god in Kong!

The islanders soon take a liking to Lange and kidnap her and soon King Kong shows up about an hour into the film! It's up to the ship's crew to try and rescue her and maybe make a few dollars in capturing King Kong in the process... bringing him back to the USA.

A fun Monster Mash! It is a bit sexual when Kong meets Lange. Bridges is the voice of reason in all of this and this was a modern remake of the classic Kong film franchise. If you're expecting monster battles, forget that too much, but Kong does battle a giant snake in this hip 70's remake! Epic music score!

Fun Fact: Peter Cullin does the voice of Kong - aka the voice of Optimus Prime.

Followed by King Kong Lives (1986).

IN MEMORY: Carlos Dunn (Indie Film-maker) has Passed Away! (Rest In Peace) (September 2018)

Some sad news to report. The film community in the Indie Field are stunned to learn that Film-maker and Writer , Carlos Dunn has pass...