Sunday, 5 February 2017

Review: King Kong (1976) - Directed by John Guillermin (February 2017)

Jessica Lange in the grip of the mighty King Kong (1976)
I love monster movies! King Kong (1976) is a risky remake of the classic 1933 original. I happened to watch the three-hour tv cut of the film and enjoyed it! The special effects were fun to watch as Rick Baker donned the giant ape suit to play Kong.

A boat-crew set sail to find oil. There is a mysterious island surrounded by fog for over 35 years. On this trip, a woman is found in a life boat - the beautiful Jessica Lange in an evening/cocktail black number dress. Among the crew are Jeff Bridges and Charles Grodin. Once they reach the island, the crew are confronted by a tribe of island people that sacrifice their women to their mysterious island god in Kong!

The islanders soon take a liking to Lange and kidnap her and soon King Kong shows up about an hour into the film! It's up to the ship's crew to try and rescue her and maybe make a few dollars in capturing King Kong in the process... bringing him back to the USA.

A fun Monster Mash! It is a bit sexual when Kong meets Lange. Bridges is the voice of reason in all of this and this was a modern remake of the classic Kong film franchise. If you're expecting monster battles, forget that too much, but Kong does battle a giant snake in this hip 70's remake! Epic music score!

Fun Fact: Peter Cullin does the voice of Kong - aka the voice of Optimus Prime.

Followed by King Kong Lives (1986).

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