Sunday, 12 February 2017

Review: Nasty (2015) - Directed by Prano Bailey-Bond (February 2017)

Prano Bailey-Bond directs Nasty (2015). A young boy is obsessed and drawn into the world of VHS horror when his father goes missing - set in 1982 (the video nastie-era).

Clever throw-back horror which features influences and imagery from the likes of The Evil Dead (1981) and other low-budget of the time. It's nicely shot with a screen-wash effect and VHS quality grain. It even starts out using Night of the Living Dead (1968) sound effects and music, which is very entertaining to old school horror-fans. The cars and vehicles are even throw backs to the time in 1982. This includes the fashion and where the UK was back-then. A period piece, indeed.

As the mystery unravels of the missing father-figure, it also features a nice twist, video-NASTY-like ending with a little bit of heart... still beating. I found this short film interesting, entertaining, scary and even moving, but definitely a homage to all things NASTY!

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