Saturday, 25 March 2017

Interview: John WT on "Gore Feast" (Indiegogo) (Horror) (March 2017)

Film-maker, John WT (Left) is filming "Gore Feast" - Coming Soon!!
After making a number of twisted, but funny shorts, Film-maker John WT is ready to make an ambitious feature in Gore Feast! His previous short, The Unknown Serial Killer, (Review, HERE!) was once shown at the Mayhem Film Festival in Nottingham. There is also an Indiegogo Campaign, too!!

Tell me a bit about Gore Feast?
Gore Feast is going to be the most extreme anthology ever. It is about twisted lives. We are looking to shoot Gore Feast during the summer and autumn of this year. Hopefully Gore Feast will premiere just before Halloween at Mayhem Film Festival 2018. I feel this will be a fitting premiere as my first short The Unknown Serial Killer premiered at Mayhem Film Festival ten years previously in October 2008. Mayhem Film Festival has also supported and screened a number of low budget features from British Directors including Colin and Monsters.

Tell me a bit about the Indiegogo?
The indiegogo campaign is going live on Tuesday March 28th at 1am and is to fund Gore Feast. We are looking to raise ten thousand pounds for the making of Gore Feast. We have a number of unique perks including signed photos of Gore Feast star Rachael Caulton, Gore Feast posters signed by John W.T., masks to be worn by characters in Gore Feast, digital downloads of my previous shorts unavailable online and associate producer credits.

What film-makers Influence you for your films?
A number of film-makers have influenced Gore Feast these include: Hershell Gordon Lewis, Tobe Hooper, Tim Burton, Yoshiro Nishimura and Michael Powell.

How do you feel about a feature film?
I feel excited about making my debut feature film.

Finally, talk a bit about the Special-Effects? Cast and Crew?
I have a number of exceptional crew members for Gore Feast these include: SFX Make Up artists Jenny Gilbert and Natasha Mann-Harwood who specialise in SFX Make Up on a low budget; D.O.P.'s Nicholas Wright, Edward Dinnage and Sigita Silina and Producer John H Shelton. As regards cast very few parts have been filled. I can say that Rachael Caulton an excellent 23 year old Nottingham based female actor will be starring in Gore Feast and playing more than one role. I was extremely impressed with Rachael's work in the Gore Feast Trailer.

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