Sunday, 5 March 2017

Review: King Kong (2005) - Directed by Peter Jackson (March 2017)

Peter Jackson's EPIC King Kong (2005) Remake!
Peter Jackson's long, epic Hollywood remake in King Kong (2005) follows in the line of his Lord of the Rings (2001) films. They are long, about three hours long and are a CGI spectacle. Younger audiences might like this  sort of thing, but in 2005, CGI in Hollywood was getting more advance and is a BIG part of story-telling with massive budgets!!

King Kong (2005) follows the story of King Kong (1933) in a faithful remake mold which is set in 1933 - a period piece! Naomi Watts plays Ann Darrow, an actress (from New York) taken on a sailing voyage with promise of fame and stardom by Jack Black - who plays Carl Denham, a film-maker. The ship goes to far-off Skull Island in-which island natives capture Ann for a sacrifice to their island God, King Kong. This leaves the ship's crew and heroes to face danger and giant monster dinosaurs and creatures to try and rescue her from certain doom. However, Kong - a thinking animal and loyal gentle giant - has fallen in love with Ann and is protecting her from harms way too!

The film has humor and when a relationship builds between Kong and Ann, the audience emotions kick into gear with Kong being the hero and star of the film. Jackson even includes in the infamous spider/insect pit scene cut from the original.

As a remake to the 1933 epic, some might have seen it before in the familiar love story of beauty and beast! This remake was announced back in 1998 and maybe even before as Jackson wasn't willing to bring a Kong film out the same year as Tristar's Godzilla (1998) as reported in the late Fangoria magazine!

Warning: Some scenes may not be suitable for Young Children with the monster violence and creature effects!! Some genuine dinosaur/monster thrills ensue through-out the film. Once the film gets going, just shut off your brain and enjoy the thrills!! Great music and action for newer fans, too - it captures the emotions if you let it.

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