Friday, 24 March 2017

Review: Kong: Skull Island (2017) - Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts (March 2017)

Kong: Skull Island - A Monster Mash!!
Set in the Vietnam War era in the 1970's, Kong: Skull Island (2017) is a giant monster mash! Some critics have been harsh with plot holes and lack of story, but I enjoyed the return of KONG!! The story goes that Monarch (see Godzilla [2014]) are off to see and uncharted island with the military, a crew and a reporter! The island is covered by a thick storm in-which our heroes and villains of the film have to fly through to get onto Skull Island.

Soon and in no time, the crew are met by the mighty supped-up famous Kong ape as they drop bomb chargers on the island to the upset giant monster! Some of the military are killed which sets up a sub-plot in-which vengeful military leaser, Samuel Jackson wants revenge on Kong for killing his men! Also, on Skull Island, John C Riley has been there since fighting in an earlier war in the 40's. He is now a leader and mentor to a mysterious tribe of people which worship Kong - who is out to really protect the island from other monsters, known as Skull Crawlers!

Good, giant monster fun from directed, Jordan Vogt-Roberts. The film also stars Tom Hiddleston and Brie Lawson. Kong and his monster friends are all CGI, but my gosh, is this island terrifying crawling with over-sized gentle giants, giant arachnids and a family of Skull Crawlers!

Also, please stay and watch the post-credits for more Monster Mayhem and future sequel/films of giant proportions! 

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