Saturday, 25 March 2017

Review: Zombie Lake (1981) - Directed by Jean Rollin & Julian de Laserna (March 2017)

Nazi Zombies attack in... Zombie Lake (1981).
Zombie Lake (1981) is an interesting little schlock horror film - directed by Jean Rollin and Julian de Laserna (Uncredited). It's a french zombie horror film in-which soldiers from the war are shot up by the enemy and dumped in a mysterious lake where they rise up many years late as the ghoulish undead! It's that simple! Throw in some female nudity and low-budget bloody effects and you have Zombie Lake!

It's fun, it is low budget, and it never really drags on too long if you love a good little horror film with cheesy effects. An example is that the "zombies" are painted green for low cost, it seemed! The odd zombie might have had a bit more time spent on them, instead of others in the make-up department, though.

On with more of the plot, though... a young girl's dad happens to be one of the zombies in the film. She has no fear and is the one who has to lead the ghouls off to their end-of-film demise! She lures them in with the demands of the french town villages to treat them to a bowl of blood before the zombies are fried to death with flame-throwers!

These zombies are Nazis from the war and are seen as the enemy! They attack bathing beauties in the lake known to be haunted. An urban myth with zombies! It's fun, it's sleazy.. try it out if you have an afternoon or evening free!

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