Monday, 11 September 2017

From Avant - to - BeYond Macabre!! (Film-Making) (September 2017)

Reflecting on the last 18 Months of Filming "MACABRE" Trilogy!!
It’s taken about 18 Months to get to this Point... I started AVANT-MACABRE in March 2016. I went on to do Grand Macabre later that summer in August. In 2017 after start and stops, I finished my Short Film Trilogy with Beyond Macabre.

It’s NOT been easy... like I said, Start/Stop, Start/Stop in focusing talents and direction to make a better saga each time!

Avant-Macabre was developed from pieced-together film making and lack of direction, but it got made and the film was set to Poetry by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc and Gary Baxter and myself. It wasn’t a bad effort on my behalf, but a follow-up would come in Grand Macabre (2016).

GM was a great effort I felt, once I actually came back to the film and employed the VFX of Davy Simmons. It worked a lot better even though YES there may have been room for improvement, but IT finally worked and started to slot into place as a short film.

Beyond Macabre finally came about, again, Start/Stop, etc. when my Communication and some confidence emerged to go ahead with the Project as a Hybrid Clown/Poetry-Horror!! Special Thanks to: Dylan Knight and Alexander Reed for all their Talents on the film and my Younger Brother. Shout Out to: Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, again for Helping keep me Motivated since Avant-Macabre.
Some Projects made it, some projects didn’t, but through continuing being Creative... I think I’ve done darn well.

THANK YOU TO ALL that helped... THANK YOU!!

So... What’s Next? We will see at this point in time and continue to keep writing and creating MOVIE MAGIC and Illusion. I currently going over ideas and writing and plotting my next few films for the Near Future.

DON’T FORGET... I also did a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL last Year for the Holidays.

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