Thursday, 30 November 2017

New Creative Beginnings... Thanks for Supporting!! (November 2017)

I made a new short film over on Youtube: Time Will Tell (2017). It shows that an era has come to an end, but not to worry. There are NEW Creative Ways on the Horizon, I feel in my Heart! Please, enjoy the Video. I've been told, it's a Little Sad, but Relevant in the place I am at - at this point in time! Stay Safe... MrSheltonTV.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The Montreal Screwjob: 20 Years On - Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels vs Vince MacMahon!! (November 2017)

The Montreal Screwjob: 20 Years On...
It's been 20 Long Years!! "Vince Screwed Bret!", "Bret Screwed Bret!" - which ever way you look at it, it was a shocking time in the WWE/WWF. I was always for Bret Hart and still am, today. This doesn't mean I hate on the then opponent for Hart in Michaels in that infamous match at Survivor Series 1997 in Canada. Even though Shawn got the hate, it was Vince MacMahon, HHH, Pat Patterson and even Jim Ross that was in on all this in private meetings behind the scenes.

Bret Hart was due to leave for WCW - Vince had asked the long term wrestling Legend to leave due to financial worry in the WWE. Meetings were held behind Hart's back and the ending of the match was due to be a run-in by D-X (HHH and Chyna - RIP) and the Hart Foundation (on the side of Bret). Vince rang the bell whilst Shawn had Bret in a Sharpshooter (Bret's own move). We all know the story in the Wrestling community and Bret ended up in WCW month's later - replelling anything to do with the WWE until a surprise return in 2010.

I watched the match, well it was scrambled on PPV on old SKY TV in November, 1997. I was always pulling for Bret Hart and had a bad feeling about the match in my gut at the time. It's hard to watch the match as it felt very sloppy and a lot of chaos in and out the ring pursued between the two gladiator Legend wrestlers in Hart and Michaels. It was a messy match and Bret was leaving WWE and this wasn't the way it was supposed to happen in all fairness. HHH was said to be pulling strings in meetings with Vince and saying, if Bret didn't want to do business by dropping the then WWE title, then the company would take it off him in their own way... in which actually happened. This enraged Bret in which all members of D-X, Vince and officials got out of Hart's way, leaving him to trash the ring-side area and writing "WCW" in the air with his fingers as the PPV went off air!

It's a very sad affair to see your heroes fall on Live TV which broke the forth-wall in Wrestling! Shawn did get the blame for all of this as he was left holding the so-called Smoking Gun on Bret Hart's departure from WWE.

I'm not gonna lie, I felt cheated as much as Bret did that night sitting in my home, feeling confused and angry at the WWE angle on scrambled TV. It didn't seem fair and a major injustice cheated the fans just as much as Bret Hart must have felt at the time. In time though, Hart got over the incident and made friends again with Shawn and even the WWE upon a very short return to WWE. However, was the damage all ready done? Hart had suffered from the loss of his brother, Owen Hart too, in 1999 when the young wrestler died in the WWE, live on PPV. This must of fueled the Hart family to try and sue the WWE. It must have been a horrible time for the Hart family, no doubt!

How do I feel, now? I feel over it, what happened, did happen, doesn't mean that it was a great, feel good moment, but WWE will always continue no matter what as a Company into the 21st Century. Bret Hart seems to come and go as he pleases, always very vocal on the Wrestling scene which may get him criticism from others, but I still respect the guy as much as the likes of The Undertaker, Kurt Angle and many other classic Legends of the Ring! It's been a hard road for Bret and Family, I'm sure and HHH, Vince MacMahon continue to do business in WWE. Michaels retired by losing to The Undertaker at two Wrestlemania's. I wish Bret the best of luck in future and the present since it all kicked off that fateful night in Montreal, November, 1997!

For more information on The Monreal Screwjob, see Here!

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