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INTERVIEW: Sordid Secrets... A Talk with: @KazBxx (Valentine's Day) (February 2018)

Kaz B - Model & Actress has a NEW BOOK Out!!
Happy Valentine's Day, people. It gives me great pleasure to Interview for a second time, the lovely Kaz B. She also has a new book out (HERE) and is a busy lady on the Indie Film Scene and around the UK. Kaz on Twitter - HERE! Kaz is also on Instagram, too - HERE!

1) Tell me a bit about your NEW Book - Sordid Secrets?
Hi Misty, I am so excited about the new book! It’s a story of romance, deceit, betrayal and lust and the story is told from three different character’s points of view. It’s an exploration of sexuality and taboo topics and delves into subjects such as male submission and same gender sex (female to female) outside the confines of a loving relationship. It tackles taboo topics that are still not fully accepted in mainstream society but told from an emotive viewpoint.

I also wanted to create strong female protagonists as many books that cover the kind of alternative material in my book, often objectify women and make them the servants to men. In Sordid Secrets the women are in charge and doing what they do because they want to. It’s female friendly, LGBT friendly and there’s lots of steamy content for the fellas too!

I’ve had a few people proof read and review it and their feedback was that I certainly got them all hot and bothered in the trouser department!

It’s launches on the 28th February where it will be on sale on Amazon, Kobo and on paperback. Put the date in your diaries!

2) Are you still filming on the Indie Film Scene?
Very much so! I’ve been filming for Kasper Lewis’s Rotten Cotton and recently I shot some scenes for an East End gangster movie directed by Benny Bereal. I can’t reveal too much about it at this stage but there will be a trailer out soon!

I am also playing the part of the bad girl in another gangster movie for Netflix. Again, I can’t give too much away but this role is exactly the kind of feisty go-get-em kind of role I love to play! It’s always fun to be the villain-ess!

3) How did you become an Agony Aunt for the Daily Sport?
I had been writing for Men’s Stuff Magazine for some time and got chatting with a contact at The Daily Sport. The owner asked for some pieces on events I was covering and it grew from there. It was suggested that I write a weekly column and we agreed that an Agony Aunt column would be perfect as it allows interactivity with the readership.

I write everything from event coverage, interviews and articles for The Daily Sport and I have a great working relationship with them. If I have an idea and put it to them they are always keen to implement it and publish a great story! The beauty of it as that it allows me a good deal of creative license as they are extremely forward thinking and open to ideas. I have a great deal of respect for them.

4) Any future plans to Write any more books?
Oh yes! Book number 2 is already underway. In next installment, you’ll see a different side to the characters and peer deeply into their psyche. You’ll behold their darkest moments and their fall from grace into depravity. You’ll also see some of their more beautiful moments and get to know them inside out.

I have also started work on a chick flick that a lot of women should be able to relate to as well as a few other pieces. At the moment however, the follow up to Sordid Secrets is my focus.

5) Finally, who have been your favorite Models to work with?
I find loud brash girls that always need to be the centre of attention hard work. You can’t blow some one’s trumpet if they are always blowing it themselves!

I love to work with women who are quietly confident and talk about films, books, ideas and concepts, rather than girls who just shout about themselves. Some of the ladies I have worked with who are lovely inside out and have been a dream to work with would be; one of my long time good friends Amber West, Game Of Thrones Star Masie Dee who is such a sweetheart, the lovely Satine Spark, fitness model Danni Levi and Fitness blogger Tracy Kiss. Oh, and a shout out to my friend Jenna Leigh-Raine who is also a writer and columnist and has one of the purest hearts I’ve known.

When I was younger it was all about fitting in and wanting people to like me. Now it’s a case of whether I like them and whether I want to work with them. With age comes wisdom and maturity. You stop making bad choices and are drawn to the right people, not the people that are shouting the loudest, but the people that actively doing… and with the best intentions.

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