Saturday, 7 April 2018

Youtube Shooter Was Not Transgender!! (April 2018)

Tragedy struck this past week at the Youtube HQ in America. A then unknown armed woman broke into the building and injured and attempted to shoot employee workers of the popular Video Sharing website: I just want to offer my thoughts and sad thoughts and future positive vibes to the workers who were just innocent bystanders in another senseless killing spree in the USA. I'm not bashing on America, but laws need to change about fire arms and their sources to the public. 

The shooter was named Nasim Najafi Aghdam. A female youtube video maker who had enough of the Youtube company. It was as simple as the website censoring her content online on Youtube. Now, we all face Big Business disapproval sometimes from time to time. It could be copyright from Youtube or a video not Monetized? However, this senseless violence needs to stop in any language or country.

Deeper still, the shooter was dubbed as "Transgender" on some social media platforms! This is NOT TRUE and has angered the LGBT Transgender community to the point of defending themselves against such horrific actions of a another being. Nasim is a CIS woman and this is still a shocking action for anybody to undertake!

Thoughts and Prayers to those affected by the Shooting @ Youtube HQ, America.

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