Saturday, 2 June 2018

MUSIC: Ray Redd - Fold In On Myself (Official Video) (June 2018)

Ray Redd has a new official, Music Video online called, "Fold In On Myself". The young film-maker and musician wrote a track and made a music video after a break up. The video and his music has gained many views on Youtube and looks like a new direction for the Western Australian. I personally see this as a personal video from the youngster also known as film-maker, Bayden Redshaw. The style is very hip and underground, but credit must go to Ray Redd. The talented Redd/Redshaw also made a fun horror short recently, called CLOWN NIGHT (2018) - which is a 22 Minute Found Footage Horror with a style, much like The Strangers (2008). Keep up the Good Work, Bayden Redshaw!

Bayden Redshaw: Film-Maker/Musician - Talented Young Man from Western Australia.

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