Monday, 2 July 2018

REVIEW: Umbilichord (2018) & Undertaker (2018) by 1i2c (July 2018)

Umbilichord (2018): an interesting little short from 1i2c, now... This was played last Month at Son of Darkfest in London and is a Black & White Short Film set to a Disturbing Industrial Soundtrack Score! It was also shot around London, itself! We follow actress and film-maker Emma Dark (keeping her cool as she struts) pushing an old-fashioned Pram through a quiet-looking park on a summer's day! People are curious, on-lookers are curious by the sight of Miss Dark's so-called offspring in the push-chair as she struts her stuff! In the midst of all this, some strange lab experiment is going off in the Narration which leads to a Bizarre and unsettling conclusion.

I liked the Silent approach to the film-making via 1i2c. There are a few twists, too... but my lips are sealed!! Nicely shot photography and use of wide-angle and low shots make Umbilichord cinematic for a low-budget film, but enjoyable!!

Meanwhile, Undertaker (2018) takes a silent approach to the soundtrack! That is until things start to happen. The silence broken by crow sound effects as there is a Graveyard with a young woman, dressed in black in mourning! The soundtrack picks up as we see a grave-digger aka The Undertaker (played by John Whitaker) start to uncover a grave! Again, the visuals are disturbing! Great panning ariel shots of corn-fields and crucified victims ala Jeepers Creepers' Creeper-style! The Undertaker here, is making human scarecrows and up to no good!!

Both short films are enjoyable and worth checking out... "1i2c is 1-2-watch-out-4"!! Great casting and visuals, greatly Creative!! Watch out... films are to be released online in Future and at Festivals!!

Videography and editing by Nicolai Kornum. John Whitaker provided the Scores and also Produced both films, too.

"1i2c is 1-2-watch-out-4"

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